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By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best ironing board hangers that are currently available on the UK market. There are very few people who enjoy ironing, so one enjoyable part of that process, is being able to put the ironing board away when you have finished.

Most ironing boards fold up and they will stand on the ground if propped up against something. It is always a better idea though to hang them up as they take up less space and they won't fall over.

To achieve this, you can buy a stand alone hanger. However, most people prefer to buy a hanger that holds both the iron and the ironing board. We have included the most popular choices just below.

The majority of these of these are wall mounted or can be screwed to the back of a door. The other type is suitable for hanging over the top of a door.

Ironing Board Hanger Reviews

The first four on our list below are suitable for wall mounting or hanging on the back of a door. We have then included a few that are suitable for hanging over the top of a door.

Brabantia Iron Holder and Ironing Board Hanging Store Hook

92% buyer satisfaction based on 6,000+ online buyer reviews

This is by quite a distance the most popular buy for many UK buyers

As you can see it will hold a normal steam iron on top and then underneath the small bracket is ideal for hanging most types of ironing board.

You can buy this hanger in a black or a white colour depending on your preference

The hook can be adjusted to suit your exact model of ironing board or iron which is important

All parts are heat resistant so no need to wait for the iron to cool down before hanging.

mDesign Wall Mounted Ironing Board Holder

90% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews

As you can see from the high number of reviews, this is also a very popular choice for UK buyers.

With this type of hanger you can hold almost all of your ironing bits and pieces

It is available in white, graphite, chrome, black and satin finishes

This hanger has to be wall mounted and it is made of steel so very secure and safe to use

It comes with the wall plugs and screws so easy to fit right away

AIEVE Ironing Board Hanger

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

If you just want a hanger to hold the ironing board (not the iron as well) then we would recommend this hanger from the Aieve brand

It is suitable for almost any "T" or "Y" style ironing boards of any size

The hanger is made of smooth steel and the hooks that hold the board have a plastic coating

This needs to be mounted on the wall or on to the back of a door

It is sturdy and very well made

TJ.MOREE Ironing Board Hanger

92% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

If you have a laundry room, then this would be our recommended ironing board hanger

There is plenty of room on the shelf to hold a steam iron and a hand garment steamer.

The bracket underneath is then suitable for any type of "T" shaped leg ironing board )Do not use for Y shaped boards)

Over the Door Ironing Board Hangers

The benefit of an over the door hanger is that you don't have to worry about wall mounting it. You simply hang it over the top of a door. The important thing to understand is that the width or thickness of the door is very important. Most standard doors are 4cm thick or slightly less.

Before buying any over the door iron hanger, make sure to measure that. If it is thicker than 4 cm (40mm), then an over the door hanger probably won't work for you.

These are usually suitable for airing cupboards, closets, utility rooms or in smaller apartments where space is restricted.

Whitmor Wire Over The Door Ironing Caddy

90% buyer satisfaction based on 15,000+ online buyer reviews

You can tell by the number of reviews that this is by quite a distance the best selling over the door ironing board hanger on the UK market.

It will work on most interior doors which is really good to know

It can also store both T-shaped and 4 legged ironing boards

It is made of coated wire so there is some flexibility when using this particular model

art moon Flint Door Hanger for Ironing Board

86% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

This over the door hanger is the most popular and it is very well made.

It will hold most standard irons and ironing boards.

There isn't any cable storage on this which is disappointing

It will fit doors up to 40mm thick but that is the maximum thickness without having to bend the brackets

It also needs about 1mm clearance between the door and the frame to allow the door to close properly.

Ironing Board Hanger Buying Tips

If you have enough room in your home to fold up your ironing board and put it away somewhere, then other than tidiness, you probably don't need a hanger at all. Some people have a utility room and they are quite happy to leave their ironing board up and ready for use.

Hangers really come into use if you like things to be tidy, or you are pushed for space. Being able to wall mount a hanger and store your ironing board is much neater, and also frees up valuable space. When we refer to wall mounting, that also includes the possibility of hanging it on the back of a door.

Wall Mounted Hangers vs Over the Door Hangers

The main decision to make is whether to buy a wall mounted hanger or one that simple hangs over a door. The key difference is of course ease of fitting. An over the door hanger simply hooks on to the top of a door and can be used right away.

With a wall mounted type, you will have to attach the bracket to the wall, and that will involve some drilling and then attaching the bracket using screws. If you plan on attaching the bracket to the back of a door, then you have to be sure that the door is suitable for holding a bracket and strong enough to hold the weight of an iron and ironing board.

Below we give you some buying tips for both types.

Over the Door Board Hanger Buying Tips

You really need to check 3 things:

  1. Do you have enough length on the door to hold the ironing board? - You would be surprised to know that many buyers don't check this, and then find out that their ironing board is longer than they thought. Avoid that by measuring the full length of your board against the length of the door
  2. The most important thing is the actual width of the door. The inside doors of your house can vary in width or thickness. The main standard is around 40cm (40mm) thick. Most ironing manufacturers then design their over the door products to suit these. Our best advice is that if you measure the thickness of your door and it is greater than 40cm, then an over the door hanger will now work for you.
  3. The third thing to know is that you need to have some clearance between the top of the door and the door frame. That doesn't need to be a large gap and usually a 1mm gap is enough to allow the bracket to fit without making the door stick and unable to close.

Wall Mounted Board Hanger Buying Tips

The combined weight of a steam iron and an ironing board is quite heavy. When attaching the bracket to a wall it needs to be secure and be able to support that combined weight. Ideally the wall used should be a solid wall. That is one that is made from concrete or brick. You can drill holes and use wall plugs for the screws.

If the wall is an internal wall, then it is more likely that it is a stud wall. That is a wall covered in plasterboard which has been nailed to wooden joists. Ideally if you can locate a wooden joist that lines up with the holes in the bracket, then screw into the joists. That makes a very safe and secure place for the bracket.

You can also screw into plasterboard but you will need to buy special plasterboard fixings to attach the bracket. You can get these at any DIY store, but they are a little more tricky to use.

Again, just like the over the door hangers, make sure you have enough length available from the bracket to the floor, for the ironing board to hang.

Ironing Board Hanger Summary

There is no doubt that these are handy for storing away your iron and ironing board. Your first decision is either a wall mounted option or one that simply hooks over the door. The wall mounted option is a neater choice but needs more initial fitting work. The over the door option is more convenient but slightly more unsightly as the bracket may poke out slightly at the top of the door.

Each option roughly costs the same at around £15-20 so no real difference there. The more important thing to consider is to make 100% sure that you have enough height as ironing boards are longer than you may initially think.

Where To Store Ironing Boards
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