Top 10 Steam Generator Irons UK Reviews 

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Thanks for taking the time to read our steam generator iron UK reviews.

The steam generator iron is a great leap forwards in dealing with the boring task of ironing. If you have never used one, then they really can cut your ironing time in half.

To help make your decision a little bit easier we have completed many reviews, along with a comprehensive steam generator buyer's guide and a comparison chart of the best irons available today.

These bigger and more powerful irons are starting to change the way people do their ironing at home.

These appliances differ a lot from the traditional steam iron that many of us have grown used to in the UK. They do quite literally cut your ironing time in half, and make the task of ironing a lot less tedious.

They do this because they have larger water tanks, and they also produce a consistent higher pressure of steam, than the standard steam iron.

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Quick Explanation of How Steam Generator Irons Work

These steam generator irons work by creating steam in a separate boiler unit, and this steam is then pumped through the iron and then into the sole plate of your iron and then on to your clothes and garments.

The boiler unit generates pressurised steam, measured in bars. This steam is continuously pushed into the fabric of your garments, and it is that action which can quite literally cut your ironing time right down.

Now that has to be good news for all of us.

The higher the pressure, the deeper the steam will penetrate whatever it is you are ironing. The more steam that your generator can create the better, and this is measured in grams per minute (g/min)

Now we do appreciate that ironing could never be described as fun. However if such a term could be used this will certainly put the fun back into this laborious chore.

To be honest, you have to try one of these to see what I mean. If you have not used one before, then check out how to use a steam generator iron by clicking here.

Top 10 Steam Generator Iron UK List

Just below you will find a table of the top 10 steam generator irons, currently available in the United Kingdom (UK) We update this every week to make sure all of the details are bang up to date. These are placed in order of highest buyer rating first.

Underneath the table we have done summary reviews of each iron, where you will find more information on each of these current top ten.

As you can see, the big three brands of Tefal, Morphy Richards and Philips dominate the UK market. You do find a couple of irons from the smaller brands.

Steam Generator Iron Price Range

Steam generator irons can be bought from around £45-200 with an average price point of £140-160 for a good quality iron. This allows most people to get one of these appliances for almost any budget that you have.

The more expensive irons will have more features and typically will be higher quality with longer guarantees. These do continue to drop in price. My research now tells me that for around £130, you can pick up an excellent, high end steam generator iron.

For certain these are more expensive than a traditional steam iron that you can pick up from £20-50. That said, I think the extra investment gives you hassle free ironing and saves you hours of time.

So I guess it is a balance between paying some extra cash and the time you can save.

The one piece of advice that we would offer is to avoid buying any of these steam generating irons that are priced at less than £50. Check it out for yourself of course, but you will find that the reviews on all of them are pretty disappointing.

It would be a much better idea to hold off, save up the extra money, and then buy a good one when you can afford it.

Top 10 Steam Generator Iron Comparison Table

We have listed these by the buyer rating with the highest buyer rated first. You will then see the important features that include the wattage, size of water tank, constant steam output and steam shot output.

Product Name


Water Tank

Constant Steam

Steam Shot

Tefal GV9071


1.6 litres

120 g/min

500 g/min

Philips GC9630/20


1.8 litres

135 g/min

470 g/min

Tefal GV8932


1. 6 litres

120 g/min

400 g/min

Russell Hobbs 24440


1.3 litres

100 g/min


Morphy Richards 332012


2.2 litres

190 g/min


Morphy Richards 332007


2.2 litres

170 g/min


Philips FastCare


1.3 litres

110 g/min

200 g/min

Morphy Richards 332020


1.0 litres

100 g/min


Morphy Richards 332013


2.2 litres

200 g/min

310 g/min

Philips GC8735/80


1.8 litres

120 g/min

420 g/min

Top 10 Buyer Rated Steam Generator Iron Summary Reviews

No 1 Choice - Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 7.5 bar pressure which is one of the highest on the UK market
  • 500 g/min steam boost for those really tough creases
  • Top of the range scale collector
  • 2,400 watt boiler for fast heat up
  • 1.6 litre removable water tank
  • 3 simple settings

No 2 Choice - Philips GC9630/20 PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron for Medium Family Basket Loads Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This is a steam generator iron which is ideal for medium family basket loads
  • This model works great on thick fabrics
  • Continuous steam of 135 g/min and a powerful 470 g steam boost, for faster and easier deep crease removal
  • Comes with the Optimal TEM feature which guarantees no burns and no temperature settings required
  • Has a 1.8 Litre detachable water tank and quick 2 minutes steam ready heat up time
  • Lightweight iron for ease of use and Philips best gliding and scratch-resistant T-ionicGlide soleplate

No 3 Choice - Tefal GV8932 Pro Express Plus Anti Scale High Pressure Steam Generator Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 6.5 Bars of pressure
  • 400 g/min shot of steam
  • 3 simple settings normal, delicate and jeans
  • 1.6 Litre water tank
  • Smart cord for easy storage
  • Removable scale collector collects up to 10 times* more scale particles

No 4 Choice - Russell Hobbs 24440 Steam Generator Iron, Series 3 Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This model has a 100 g Steam Output (2600 watts)
  • Also has a limescale defence system and a 1.3 litre water tank
  • Comes with 3 easy to use steam settings
  • The water tank has a continuous fill function so you can top up your water tank to make sure you have endless steam
  • Comes with a 2-Year Manufactures Guarantee - Plus 1 extra year when you register the product online
  • Comes in a purple/white colour

No 5 Choice - Morphy Richards Steam Generator 332012 Iron Power Steam Elite Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Has an Auto-clean system for limescale protection to maintain the powerful steam performance
  • Comes with variable steam settings and a 190g steam output make light work of creases.
  • Has a huge 2.2 litre water tank
  • The iron securely locks to the base so it's safe and easy to carry and store
  • 6.5 bars of pressure
  • Energey Class A
  • Available in purple/black, green/white and blue/black

No 6 Choice - Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 332007 Steam Generator Iron Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This model has 170 g/min of constant steam for powerful crease removal
  • Features include Auto shut for energy saving and peace of mind
  • The iron locks to the vase for for easy and convenient carrying and storage
  • Has a huge 2.2 litre water tank so you can iron for longer (if you wish)
  • Also has Anti-scale with a flushable boiler

No 7 Choice - Philips FastCare Compact Steam Generator Iron Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Has 110 g/minute continuous steam and 200 g steam boost
  • Has a 5.2 bar pump pressure for easier crease removal even on the toughest fabrics
  • It is compact and lightweight for easy storage
  • Has a 1.3 Litre water tank for interruption free ironing
  • The soleplate is ceramic, non-stick, and scratch-resistant
  • Comes with an easy descaling system for long lasting performance

No 8 Choice - Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron 333020 Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This model has a durable stainless steel soleplate effectively removes creases
  • 100g high level steam output
  • Has a 1 litre detachable water tank so you spend less time refilling
  • Also has a water spray to help you tackle those extra tough creases quickly
  • Uses a replaceable anti-scale cartridge to help prolong the life of the product
  • Power cord length: 1.8 metres

No 9 Choice - Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite 332013 Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This model has an Auto-clean, hassle free lime scale protection to maintain the powerful steam performance
  • Has variable steam settings and a 200g constant steam output, with a huge 310g steam boost, make light work of creases
  • Has an extra large 2.2L tank
  • The iron securely locks to the base so it's safe and easy to carry and store.

No 10 Choice - Philips GC8735/80 PerfectCare Performer Summary Review

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 6.5 bars steam pressure
  • 120 g/min continuous steam output and 420 g steam boost targets deep-set creases
  • Uses (OptimalTEMP) effective and safe - cotton to silk, no sorting required and no fabric burn ensured
  • Has a 1.8 litre easy fill detachable water tank
  • 2 minute heat up time
  • This is a light 1.2 kg iron with T-ionicGlide ceramic soleplate
  • Product covered by Philips 2 years warranty and 60 days money back guarantee

Brands Who Make Steam Generator Irons

I have made a list below of the main brands who make these irons. The UK market is however dominated by Philips, Tefal and Morphy Richards. Here is the full list:

As you can see, these are all very popular brands and many of them are household names. Of all of these the best selling models are made by Tefal, Morphy Richards and Tefal.

Steam Generator Iron Buying Guide

We thought that it would be very useful to put together a steam generator iron buying guide. This guide has been designed to help people understand what features are available, and more importantly what they mean. That way you can decide if you need them or not.

Typically the more features that you find on an iron, then the more expensive it will be. We will go into considerable detail on each feature and that should help explain which each one does and why you may need it.

There are essentially three types of irons available on the UK market place. These are:

  1. A normal steam iron - This is the most common iron available in the UK market. These are ideal for people who only have to iron small loads, or if you are someone who just irons a few clothes, as and when you need them.
  2. A steam generating iron - These are now becoming very popular by many UK buyers. Initially their price was very high and few people could afford them. That has now changed and starting at £50, these are now affordable for most people. They half the normal ironing time.
  3. A steam press - some people decide to go one step further and go for the ultimate in ironing. This is the choice of professionals, and now more and more households are quickly moving to use these.

We will all be familiar with the standard steam iron that has been around for years. When it was first launched it was far better than the previous irons which could only be controlled by adjusting the sole plate temperature.

Before that they used hot coals to heat up irons, and then ironed the clothes over another cloth to prevent burning. As you can see, technology continues to improve, and we have moved on a lot since those years.

However, I think for most people anyway, ironing still remains one of the most hated household activities, but the bottom line is that it still needs to be done. It is a time consuming task and can eat away the hours of your valuable time.

By applying really hot steam to any garment, it loosens up the fabric, helps remove creases and wrinkles, and that makes ironing a whole lot easier and quicker. Even the toughest pair of jeans can be made a lot easier to iron if steam is applied to them.

That is essentially what steam generator irons do. They make steam in a boiler and then force that pressure of steam out under pressure through the bottom plate of the iron.

Steam Generator Iron Important Features

Automatic Shut Off

Let's start with what I think is a very important safety feature. Have you ever switched an iron on and then got distracted? I know that I have and it was quite accidental as none of us actually mean to do that, but the bottom line is that it can happen.

This automatic shut off term is self explanatory, and means that should you forget to switch your iron off, then the iron will automatically shut down after a set period of time. This can happen to anyone, especially if we get distracted. So in my opinion, this is a vital safety feature to have on your new iron.

A typical cut-off time is 8-10 minutes but these vary depending on the brand that you buy. Some of the newer products have a cut off time of just 30 seconds and will cut off if the soleplate is left facing down. This is particularly useful as it can stop damage if the iron is left sitting on any item you maybe ironing.

Generally though the main purpose of this feature is to shut the appliance down if you forget to switch it off at the plug. Just think about picking the kids up at school and you will know what I mean.

Heating Up Time

In today's society time always seems to be really important. When you decide that you want to do your ironing, or have built up enough will power, then you want the iron to heat up quickly. For most of this generation of irons a typical heat up time is around 2-3 minutes.

This is not a big deal for most people, and anything between 2-5 minutes should suit most of you. That said if you are in a rush for work, you will want to pick an iron that heats up really quickly.

Water Tank Capacity and its Importance?

In my opinion this is one of the most important features that you should consider. The capacity is the measurement of the amount of water that the tank will hold.

These come in a range of different sizes and are usually measured in litres. The bigger the tank you get the better, as that will mean less trips to the tap to fill it up.

Typical tank sizes are 800 ml to 1 litre and you can get larger tanks at 1.8 litres, 1.9 litres and even 2 litres. A typical 1.8 litre tank will allow you to iron continuously for about 3 hours.

Now I know that seems like a long time but for a long family iron, then the less times you have to fill a tank the better.

Please remember that the bigger the tank then the heavier your weight will be. That will mean you need an ironing board that can accommodate the tank size and also hold the weight. Typically you will find that the actual iron itself is fairly light, but the tanks are heavy.

Many of these tanks are removable but please note that is not always the case. It is however a really convenient feature if you can remove it and take it to the water tap.

You should also have some from of water level indication, so as you know when the tank needs to be filled again. Some use a simple marking on the side and others use some form of LED indicator.

Most people will buy an ironing board that can accommodate for the size of your new iron. You can also buy attachments for your existing board that can then accommodate for this bigger size.

Iron Bar Pressure and its Importance

In our opinion this is one of the most important features that you should consider. The capacity is the measurement of the amount of water that the tank will hold.

These come in a range of different sizes and are usually measured in litres. The bigger the tank you get the better, as that will mean less trips to the tap to fill it up.

This term can be very confusing for many people. The word "bar" is a term that is used to measure a unit of pressure. The higher this bar rating, the greater the pressure. High pressure steam helps reduce the amount of ironing time and will help power through tough or stubborn creases.

Vertical steam is a useful feature to consider. It allows you to refresh or remove creases from hanging garments such as curtains and even upholstery. It is also useful to use on dresses or suits that are on a hanger.

Typical bar sizes are 5, 5.5 and 6 bars

Constant Steam Output and Steam Shots

The amount of steam that your iron can produce is an important feature. The main purpose of using steam is that it helps relax the fibres in the garments that you are ironing. This in turn will also help reduce the amount of ironing time. In essence the more steam the iron produces the better.

  • This is usually measured in grams per minute (g/min)
  • Typical measurements are 100-120 g/min,
  • You can also get steam shots and some typical sizes are 240-260 g/min

Variable Steam Settings

Most steam generator irons come with what are termed variable speed settings. Typically these will be something like low. medium and high.

Depending on the material that you are ironing, you can then adjust the amount of steam that is allowed for the different materials you are ironing. Usually you can adjust this using a dial with different settings on it.

For example you would use the high setting for ironing items like jeans, and the low setting for silks and cottons.

Just remember that the steam adjustment and the soleplate temperature are two different things.

Steam Generator Iron Soleplates

This is the metal plate on the bottom of the iron that will come into direct contact with whatever garment you are ironing. You will want this to be of very high quality so that it glides over your item without causing it any damage whatsoever.

The big problem with many steam irons is that the holes where the steam comes out can begin to rust, and that in turn can make a mess of your item.

Typical materials are ceramic, palladium, and aluminium.

Many of the brands who sell these will speak of self-cleaning soleplates.

Soleplates will get damaged no matter how careful you may be. They will invariable come into contact with metal buttons and zips and get scratched. When this happens then the plate is no longer smooth. You will notice then that they start to catch and pluck clothes which is pretty much a disaster.

In these new irons, the plates have been designed to be anti-scratch with toughened plates that sue ceramic or palladium.

Anti Drip Systems

Many of us who have used steam irons will be familiar with what is called dripping. This is where small splashes or drips of water will build up and then drop from the soleplate on to the clothes.

With these steam generator irons, you will find that many of them come with what is called an anti-drip system.

This is a design feature available in some of the brands but not in all of them.

Limescale and Descaling

Again we will all be very familiar with a scale building up in the iron. In the UK most of our water supplies have what is called a hard scale. Over time a scale can develop and build up which in turn impacts on the performance of the actual appliance.

Many of these steam generators will have a feature which stops this from happening. Some will use filters, some use cartridges and some use a collecting device which you can empty, rinse off and place back into the iron.

As long as they have some type of anti-scaling device, then you should be ok. Personally I like the collecting device as I don't have to worry about buying filters and cartridges, and then having to change them

Steam Generator Iron Storage

These are much bigger than a traditional steam iron and will need more room for storage. One feature that is useful, though not necessary, is if the electric cord that attaches to the iron can be coiled up inside the unit.

This is usually referred to as a retractable cord and it is one feature I really like a lot.

Finding Parts for your Iron

This is very important to consider. Over time all irons will need some care and attention. They may need a new cord and a new filter or cartridge.

Make sure that whichever iron you buy, that you can get the parts for it. A good way to do this is to check on places like Amazon or directly at the manufacturer's website.

Warranties & Guarantees

You will always want to look for a good solid guarantee. All of the brands who sell these irons like Tefal, Philips, Swan etc will all offer a guarantee. Typically you should expect this to be at least 2 years.

Always check carefully with guarantees. For many of these brands you will have to register.

If you fail to do that, then there is only a 1-year guarantee. Make sure that if they require you to register that you do that as it will protect your guarantee.

The Right Ironing Board

It is difficult to operate these properly from a standard steam ironing board. The base of these irons are quite large, and can hold large capacities of water. That not only makes the base large, but also heavy.

You need a bigger board with a holder for the base.

It is a good idea to also buy the proper ironing board, designed to support the size and weight of these irons.These are also expensive enough, but they do last for a very long time.

best steam generator ironing boards

Typically you will pay anything from £50-70 for a board like this. There are also covers available. They cost around £17-20 per cover.

Which Water Type Should You Use In Your Steam Generator Iron?

Most steam generator irons will have some type of filter, which can be replaced or changed.

Some of the models also have a self cleaning mode that helps descale your iron. Most manufacturers will recommend using "De-ionised water."

Now I will not bore you with the scientific reasons here, but the water has no impurities. That goes a long way to reducing the amount of scale that can build up on your iron.

de-ionised water for steam generating irons

Using this type of water also helps reduce rust in irons. If you have suffered from brown spots, or japs on your clothes, that is caused by rust building up under the sole plate.You can also buy water softeners to help if you live in a region of the UK that has hard water.

If you want to find out more about what water to buy, then click here for my advice.

For 5 litres you will pay around £5-6. It can work out pretty expensive. It is probably better to buy a larger amount at a local garage or store. Buying in a larger amount makes this much cheaper.

Summary of Steam Generator Irons

We appreciate that there is a lot of information to try and gather all at once. The important thing to remember is that using a steam generator iron easily cuts your ironing time in half.

The disadvantages of these irons is that with the iron and water tank combined, these are bigger and heavier than your normal steam iron. They also need a stronger and larger ironing board.

If your home is tight for space, or you can't easily handle a heavy unit then stick with a normal steam iron. I have done a top 10 list of those type of steam irons, which you can read by clicking here.

If your heart is set on a steam generator, then hopefully our list has shown those with the highest buyer rated first.

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