Best Steam Generator Iron Brands UK 

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best brands of steam generator irons, that are available on the UK market. There are many buyers of steam generator irons who simply like or prefer to search by a particular brand name. We thought it would make searching a little easier, if we gave you some useful background company information on the brands that are sold in the UK.

As mentioned on our Home page there are quite a ironing and laundry brands to select from, but for convenience, we have listed as many as we can of them below:

Again to keep things simple, we have created a page on each of these leading brands, and that will include their range of steam generator irons that they currently have on sale in the UK. We will try to keep this as up to date, so as you are looking at the most recent and best rated ironing products.

Now we also know that some people will have their own particular brand that they may prefer. However, some brands make much better steam generating irons than others, so just be aware of that. Our opinion is to never fall in love with a brand as every single product they make is not always the best.

The best steam generator brand in the UK is one of three; Philips, Morphy Richards and Tefal. They have a range of price points supported by good UK customer service.

List of the Best Steam Generator Iron Brands

  1. Batistella - 2 models (For commercial use)
  2. Beko - 3 models (They usually refer to their steam generator irons as steam stations.)
  3. Bosch - 5 different iron models
  4. Breville - 2 different iron models
  5. H.Koenig - 1 iron model
  6. Morphy Richards - 13 different steam generator iron models
  7. Philips - 30 different models
  8. Polti -12 different models
  9. Quest - 2 different models
  10. Rowenta - 3 different models
  11. Russell Hobbs - 7 different models
  12. Swan - 1 model 
  13. Tefal - 10 different models
  14. Tower - 1 model

The number of models listed above refers to their steam generator irons. Many of them also make normal steam irons.

Battistella Steam Generator Iron Brand

The Battistella company is an Italian brand based in Veneto. They make semi-industrial and commercial steam generator irons. These are the type of irons used in commercial settings. These are electronically controlled steam generators and pneumatic dummies specially designed for clients who require fast and high-level ironing.

They also make automatic ironing machines, ironing boards, specialist ironing machines and steam presses. These are really not made for home use, but some hotels, B&Bs and Guest house may use them, where a lot of laundry is required and they do it in-house.

Beko Steam Generator Iron Brand

Beko are currently the UK's best selling large home appliance brand but better known for their washing machines, dryers etc They have been in the UK since 1990 and have sold millions of appliances.

They don't sell that many steam generator irons, but they are very well priced. They usually refer to their steam generator irons as steam stations which can be confusing. At the moment they have 3 models SteamXtra SmartStation™ Steam Generator (SGA7126), the SteamXtra SmartStation™ Steam Generator (SGA6124D) and the Beko HygieneShield™ Steam Generator (SGA8328). 

Beko plc is a subsidiary of Arçelik A.S, and they are owned by Koç Holding, one of Turkey's biggest industrial and commercial conglomerates.

Bosch Steam Generator Iron Brand

Bosch in the UK is known as BSH Home Appliances Ltd. and their offices are based in Milton Keynes. They have a UK customer service team 0344 892 8979 and can also be contacted online.


Their website has a lot of useful information including contact details, user manuals, returns policy etc.

Bosch was founded in Germany and are now a worldwide brand and a household name. They make a range of 5 steam generator irons. These include the Bosch TDS6080GB, Bosch TDS6030GB, Bosch TDI9020GB, Bosch TDS4070GB, and the Bosch TDS6010 Steam Station.

Breville Steam Generator Iron Brand

Breville have a variety of high performance steam irons and steam generator irons that have been designed to cut through family-sized ironing piles, quickly and efficiently.

They also make a wide range of other household products such as blenders and various cooking appliances.

They were formed in Australia and are part of Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Ltd.

They only have 2 models of steam generator iron which are the Breville PressXpress Steam Generator Iron which is a very good seller in the UK and their other model is the Breville "The Genius" IR28 Compact Steam Generator, which is new to the UK market, so not enough information to see how well this one is performing.

H.Koenig Steam Generator Iron Brand

This H. Koenig brand is a German brand founded in 1960 and are now recognised as an international brand. They make a wide range of products for cooking, floor care etc. They are a part of the ADEVA company who are based in France.

They make a small range of steam stations and steam generator irons. In the UK one model is sold called the H.Koenig V5i Steam Generator and it has sold thousands of units.

Morphy Richards  Steam Generator Iron Brand

Morphy Richards is an extremely well known brand in the UK. They make a range of household appliances such as toasters, kettles, steam irons and steam generator irons.

They have a UK customer care team (0344 871 0944) and they stock a wide range of parts for their products. They formed back in 1930 and were bought over in 1980 by the CFI Group.

More homes in the UK have some type of small appliance from Morphy Richards than any other brand.

Morphy Richards make a wide range of steam generator irons (13 models) at a range of prices depending on exactly what features you want to have on your iron.

Philips Steam Generator Iron Brand

Philips manufacture the largest number of steam generator irons with just over 30 different models on the UK market.

They are based in Guildford, Surrey, England and are part of the Royal Philips of the Netherlands Group. Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Royal Philips) is the parent company of the Philips Group.

They are the biggest seller of this type of iron in the UK, and have a wide range of price points.

Polti Vaporella Steam Generator Iron Brand

The Polti company is an Italian brand and has a very distinct style to their steam generator irons. They were formed in 1978. The company was formed by Franco Polti and they are now in 50 countries with their HQ in Bulgarograsso, Como.

They make steam generator irons and steam generators with boilers. At the moment on the UK market they have around 12 models available.

Quest Steam Generator Iron Brand

Quest are known for their range of kitchen and home appliances. These include kettles. toasters, hot water dispensers and many more kitchen products.

Their main office is located in Liverpool, England. They make 2 steam generator irons. This includes the Quest 35469 Steam Generator Iron and the Quest 35460 Steam Generator Iron. These are by a long way the cheapest steam generator irons on the UK market at under £40.

Rowenta Steam Generator Iron Brand

Rowenta is a long established brand and formed in 1909. They formed as a German brand and are now part of the global French Groupe SEB.

They make a small number of steam generator irons. This includes their Rowenta Steam Generator Iron DG7522, their Rowenta Compact Steam Pro and their ROWENTA - Steam generator Perfect steam Pro.

Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron Brand

Russell Hobbs are a British manufacturer of many household appliances and are very well known for their steam irons. Only recently have they started to add their steam generator irons and they now have 7 different models.

They formed in 1952 when Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs teamed up to transform kitchens across Britain.

Their UK website is very good and has plenty of information.

Swan Steam Generator Iron Brand

Swan do a wide range of both small and large kitchen appliances, including an interesting "Retro" range. They do one steam generator iron which is the Swan ProSteam Steam Generator Iron.

They have offices in Newcastle-Under-Lume, England. They are now owned by the Moulinex brand.

Tefal Steam Generator Iron Brand

Tefal is part of a bigger group who are known as Groupe SEB and are a French company. A number of brands trade under this group name and include, KRUPS, Panex, Rochedo and Rowenta.

Tefal have been around since 1956 and started out as being the first company to make non-stick pots and pans using a Teflon coating. Since then they have gone on to become a household name throughout the UK.

They are now well known for their range of steam irons, and like many other brands, expanded into the steam generator iron market. Tefal were the first to introduce steam generators to the market and now have lots of different sized models.

Tower Steam Generator Iron Brand

The Tower brand make one model of steam generator iron which is the Tower T22006 CeraGlide Steam Generator. This one sells really well in the UK thanks to its low price point and excellent buyer reviews. Tower are a British brand who have been around for over 100 years.

They are based in Stoke-on Trent in Staffordshire and have a strong UK customer service. They do a range of laundry products including steam irons, garment steamers, ironing boards, clothes airers and storage bags. Like many brands they also offer a wide range of kitchen appliances including air fryers, floor care, heating and the smaller kitchen appliances such as kettles, toasters etc.

General Brand Information

If you are knew to this type of steam generating iron, then please allow us to give you a few points in the right direction, which you may find useful.

The main thrust of opinion, and our extensive customer research informs us that Philips, Tefal and Morphy Richards lead the market for these particular products. That does not of course mean you have to buy one of those, but it is a really good standard to measure against.

You can always tell when a particular brand is good at something simply because they sell the best. When you have read as many reviews as we have, you can quickly pick out the top performers. For these types of steam generator irons Philips, Tefal and Morphy Richards we have mentioned above do stand out from the crowd.

The good news about this type of purchase, is that these type of irons really do last really well. If you have been used to buying ordinary steam irons, then you know that they suffer from all sorts of problems. They also tend not to last for very long. With these generator models, and with the better brands, you certainly get a much longer lifespan.

You will probably be familiar enough with the brands that we have listed above. However, what you really want to look out for, is what type and length of warranties they offer, what is their return's policy and most importantly, what is their after care  and customer service really like.

Brand UK Customer Service Information

Generally speaking the level of customer service is actually pretty good. When you get to the individual brand review pages, we do go into that in a lot more detail.

These are the type of considerations that people tend to overlook when they are buying a new iron. That is natural as they are more focused on the type of information that we have provided in our steam generator buying guide.

Don't over look these important issues though as they are essential to helping you make sure you get a good quality iron that is supported by a very high standard of customer service.

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Are steam generator irons worth it?

Steam generator irons are worth the money if you have a lot of ironing to do. Likewise if you really hate ironing, then a steam generator iron will cut your ironing time in half. When they were first launched they were really expensive, and many models still are expensive.

Over time though these have dropped in price. A normal steam iron will cost anything between £15-60 depending on which model you decide to buy. Steam generator irons start at around £50 and go all the way up to £400+. It is possible to buy a steam generator in the UK for around £50-100 and it is very high quality, does your ironing a great deal faster and will last longer than a normal steam iron.

How long does a steam generator iron last?

It does of course depend on how much use the steam generator iron is used. Most steam irons have a 12 month warranty and their average lifespan is 3-4 years. Steam generator irons usually have a 24 month warranty and have an average lifetime of 5-6 years.

This will also vary depending on how well they are looked after. A steam generator iron that is regularly cleaned and limescale removed will last much longer than one that is neglected.

What should you look for when buying a steam generator iron?

There are several key features you should look for when buying a steam generator iron. We have listed those below for convenience;

  • Bar pressure and steam options including constant steam and steam shots - any steam generator iron with a bar pressure of 5 or more, constant steam of 100g/min or more and steam shots of 200g/min are classed as steam generator irons
  • The size of the water tank - for a compact steam generator iron the tanks size is 1.0 litre. They are also available in 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 litre sizes. Normal steam irons have an average water tank size of 0.3 litres (300ml). Larger tanks mean fewer trips to the sink to fill up and speed up the ironing time
  • De-scaling Feature - Limescale is the enemy of irons as it causes a scale to build up making the iron less efficient and also clogging the holes on the soleplate. This is caused when tap water impurities mix with metal parts when heated to boiling temperature. Some iron manufacturers use filter cartridges to deal with this and they need to be replaced which is an additional cost. Other manufacturers use descaling trays and others use a descaling and self-cleaning systems
  • Quality of the soleplate - Different manufacturers make slightly different style of soleplates. These include aluminium which are lightweight, stainless steel which is very good and ceramic which is in our opinion the best material as it is smooth and also hard wearing
  • Automatic Cut-Off - this is an important safety feature to consider. If you forget the iron is switched on that can be dangerous. Most steam generator irons, but not all of them, have an automatic cut-off, where the iron will switch of when not in use after a period of time, usually 8 minutes.
  • Customer Service - this is often overlooked. If something goes wrong with your iron then you will want to have a UK customer service that is easy to contact. You should always check the warranty, the availability of parts, availability of user manuals and if there are local repairs available in your area of the UK
  • Other Features - we have listed the key features above. You might also want to consider the weight of the iron, the appearance of the iron, how long the cord is and how easy it is to use.

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