Beko Steam Generator Iron UK Reviews 

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Thanks for taking your time to check out our information on the range of Beko steam generator irons. Beko currently have 3 models of steam generator irons available on the UK market. These are the SteamXtra SmartStation™ Steam Generator (SGA7126), the SteamXtra SmartStation™ Steam Generator (SGA6124D) and the Beko HygieneShield™ Steam Generator (SGA8328).

The SGA reference is the model number. The first two are the smaller compact models and they have a 1 litre water tank. Their other model has a larger 1.8 litre water tank. When steam generators first came to the market, the average size of a water tank was 1.6 litres. The purpose behind the large tank was to allow you do a lot of ironing without having to constantly fill up the tank.

While that is good, it also made the base on which the iron sits, quite large and quite heavy. That is why many manufacturers, including Beko, started making the smaller tank sizes. They also fit better on standard ironing board sizes.

Just below we have checked out each Beko model and explained the benefits of each.

Beko Brand

Beko are currently the UK's best selling large home appliance brand and best known for their washing machines, dryers etc They have been in the UK since 1990 and have sold millions of appliances.

They don't sell that many steam generator irons, but they are very well priced. They refer to most of their models as "steam stations" which is actually a good name for these, but can confuse buyers not familiar with that description.

Beko plc is a subsidiary of Arçelik A.S, and they are owned by Koç Holding one of Turkey's biggest industrial and commercial conglomerates.

What Beko Steam Generator Irons are currently available on the UK market?

They have 3 different models which we have listed below:

  1. SteamXtra SmartStation™ Steam Generator (SGA7126)
  2. SteamXtra SmartStation™ Steam Generator (SGA6124D)
  3. Beko HygieneShield™ Steam Generator (SGA8328)

As you can see, the only thing that can be used to differentiate these is the actual model number which is shown in brackets above. When sold by different companies online, these model numbers can slightly change by the addition of another letter at the end of the model number. It can get confusing but they do that to help with their distribution network.

Beko SGA7126P Smart SteamXtra Steam Station

This is the best selling steam generator iron from Beko

It has a 1 litre water capacity

It has lots of power with 2,600 watts and a 6 bar pressure to produce lots of steam

It delivers constant steam at the rate of 110 grams per minute and also has a steam shot of 200 grams/minute

It also can be used for vertical steam, has anti-scale, anti-drip and auto-shut off features. The cable length is 1.8 metres (6 feet) and it is a rotating cord to stop it from getting tangled

76% buyer satisfaction based on 70+ online buyer reviews


  • 64% of all buyers have given this iron a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers say this model is very easy to use and is also well designed and looks great
  • Buyers like this smaller 1 litre size as it is more convenient to store away when not in use
  • Buyers thought this was very good value for money


  • 4% of all buyers have given this iron a poor review
  • A few buyers say it doesn't create enough steam

Beko SGA6124D Steam Generator Iron

This is an affordable and compact steam generator iron

It has a 1 litre water capacity

It has lots of power with 2,400 watts and a 5.8 bar pressure to produce lots of steam

It delivers constant steam at the rate of 100 grams per minute and also has a steam shot of 200 grams/minute

It does have an anti-calc cartridge which will need replaced from time to time depending on the build up of limescale in your water

94% buyer satisfaction based on 10+ online buyer reviews


  • 68% of all buyers have given this iron a full 5 star review  
  • Buyers like this smaller 1 litre size as it is more convenient to store away when not in use
  • Buyers say this Beko model produces plenty of steam and really speeds up the whole ironing process
  • Buyers though this iron was really good value for money when compared to other brands.


  • No buyers to date have given this iron a poor review  
  • A couple of buyers would have preferred not to have to replace the anti-calc cartridge

Beko SGA8328B Steam Generator Iron

There really are not enough buyer reviews to be able to decide on this one though we will update this section when there are

This is one of their more expensive options.

It has a 1.8 litre water capacity and the tank is detachable. This is a large tank so suitable for lots of ironing at one time without lots of trips to the sink

It has lots of power with 2,800 watts and a 7.2 bar pressure to produce lots of steam

It delivers constant steam at the rate of 130 grams per minute and also has a steam shot of 450 grams/minute

It does have an anti-calc cartridge which will need replaced from time to time depending on the build up of limescale in your water

50% buyer satisfaction based on 5+ online buyer reviews


  • 50% of all buyers have given this a full 5 star review but only 5 reviews available
  • Buyers did like the large tank as it saved them constantly having to refill the tank when they are ironing
  • Buyers say that the steam output is great for dealing with wrinkles and the steam shot works like a treat for wrinkles or creases in jeans
  • Although not cheap buyers still thought this was good value for money


  • 50% of all buyers have given this a poor review but this is only based on 5 reviews 
  • One buyer said this model is too heavy

Beko Steam Generator Iron Buyer Tips

It is worth pointing out from the start, that Beko steam generator irons are not big sellers on the UK market. The more popular choices are from brands such as Morphy Richards and Tefal. There are a few buyers though who do prefer the Beko brand. They have likely been pleased with the performance of the Beko washing machines, and decided to give their irons a try. Overall, most of their models get good enough reviews.

Just below we explain the key features of these Beko irons and what they really mean.

What is the best Power and Wattage in a Steam Generator Iron?

This is normally visible somewhere on your iron, on the side of the box, or included in the instructions. It will look like 2400W, 2600W etc. This is the amount of power/energy that the iron uses to heat up the water. This is measured in watts (W) As a general rules most steam generator irons use either 2400W, 2600W or 2800W.

The difference in heat up time is minimal and on average it takes 2 minutes for the iron to start producing steam. You can also work out from this figure how much it costs to run your iron on electricity. Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). One unit of electricity is 1 kWh. That means an appliance with a 1000W rating running for one hour would cost 1 unit of electricity. 

With regards to a steam generator iron, let's assume it is 2600W that is 2.6 kilowatts. If your iron was on for one hour it would use 2.6 units of electricity. From that, you can calculate the cost of the electric it takes. The average cost of a unit of electricity in the UK is 28p. Therefore this 2600W steam generator iron would cost 73p to run for one hour.

The larger the power rating the more this will cost. With electricity prices soaring, this is always worth knowing. You can read more about the cost of running an iron by clicking here.

What is the best Bar Pressure in a Steam Generator Iron?

You will also see a reference to bar pressure. This is usually shown as something like 5.8 bars, 6 bars, 7 bars etc. A bar is simply the name given to the measurement of pressure. The higher this rating is the more steam pressure this can produce. Any bar rating of 5 or higher is more than enough for normal household ironing and available on all steam generator irons.

On every steam generator iron there are two steam outputs. The first is the rate at which the normal steam comes out of the soleplate of the iron. Typically this looks like 120g/min. That refers to grams per minute. 

The second steam setting is a "steam shot." This is where you hit a boost button on the iron and it gives a shot of higher pressure. It is used for particularly hard or stubborn creases or wrinkles. This will always be a higher rated g/min setting such as 200g/min and all the way up to 500g/min.

The rate of both these steam settings is set by the bar pressure of the iron. For example a 5 bar pressure steam generator iron may have 100g/min normal steam and a 200g/min steam shot. One with a 7 bar pressure may have 130g/min normal steam and a 400g/min steam shot.

In most cases 5 bars is enough. Some people like more steam as it does get the ironing done faster. If that is the case then a high bar pressure is better as it produces a lot more steam.

What Water Tank Sizes are available in a Steam Generator Iron?

Steam generator irons are really in two parts. There is the tank, boiler etc and the actual iron itself. With a normal steam iron all of the parts are inside the iron so when you pick it up, you have the total weight in your hand. With a steam generator iron, the tank, boiler etc sits on the ironing board, and you are literally just holding the iron.

That means that manufacturers can produce larger water tanks. That is because they sit on the ironing board. The benefit of a larger tank is that you don't have to fill your iron as much, and can get the ironing done faster. A 1.6 litre water tank is plenty for about a week's worth of ironing.

The disadvantage is that larger tanks when full, are very heavy, and many of them don't fit on to a standard ironing board. So when it comes to storing the iron away, you still have to lift the tank.

A normal steam iron has an average water tank size of around 300 ml (0.3 litres) So compare that to a 1.6 litre tank and it will be about 5 times as heavy. When ironing it doesn't matter a great deal, but it does when it comes to placing it on your ironing board, or storing it away.

The larger tanks 1.5-1.8 litre sizes really need to be placed on a steam generator ironing board which is larger and much stronger than a normal ironing board. Manufacturers realised that and started to make the tanks slightly smaller. They are now made from 1 litre to 1.5 litre sizes as well as the larger ones.

So when buying a steam generator iron, you should know that water tank sizes range from 1 litre to 1.8 litres. With the larger sizes though you will need to get a steam generator ironing board, which can be expensive.

What Limescale prevention is available in a Steam Generator Iron?

Limescale is a problem for irons, steam generator irons and other electrical appliances such as kettles. It is caused when impurities in the water interact with metal parts when heated. A white scale is produced and slowly builds up over time. That scale can build up in the boiler, the tank and the small holes in the soleplate of irons.

Left alone, it will greatly reduce the lifetime operation of your iron. Eventually it will corrode the iron, cause it to leak, and also make the iron create dirty water spots and brown rust spots on your clothes. This is an even bigger issue for anyone in the UK who lives in what is called a "hard water" area.

To help prevent this, manufacturers have come up with different methods of dealing with this problem. One recommendation is to use a 50/50 blend of tap water and distilled water, which really does help a lot and should be used in normal steam irons. You ca read more about which water to use in an iron by clicking here.

When it comes to steam generator irons, manufacturers have moved this prevention up a notch. Some manufacturers, such as Beko use filter cartridges, and these help filter out the impurities from the tap water. They work really well, but they do need to be replaced so an added cost. A typical cartridge costs £15 and will last for around 6 months.

Other manufacturers use a descaling system which is essentially a removable tray at the bottom of the tank. That is a cheaper solution that also works well. In addition to that some manufacturers have also built in a self-cleaning feature, that cleans out the iron when you push a button.

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