Beautural Clothes Steamer UK Review 

By  Carol

Thanks for taking the time to read our review of the Beautural Clothes Steamer. This is a handheld garment steamer that comes with a fabric brush, lint brush, and a measuring cup.

It can be used on a wide range of fabrics that include Cotton, wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, velvet and linen.

Many buyers use it for their clothes, bedding, tablecloths, sofas, toys etc.

The water tank in this steamer holds 260 ml of water, which can then produce constant steam for 15 minutes. The steamer uses 1200 watts of power to preheat the water in around 30 seconds, and it can then be used again.

At a Glance Review of the Beautural Clothes Steamer

Ease of use


Wrinkle Free


Value for Money


Beautural Clothes Steamer

If you don't have time to read our longer and more detailed review below, then you can check the availability at Amazon UK by clicking here.

Short Description of this Vertical Clothes Steamer

This  is a vertical and horizontal steamer and the reasons many UK buyers get one of these is that it is fast and convenient, easy for anyone to use and you don't need an ironing board.

It is important to understand that all of these garment steamers are not steam irons. They do a good enough job at getting rid of wrinkles, and they do leave your clothes feeling fresh. However they can't do creases, so if you need those, then the steam iron is a much better option.

Many buyers use these in their holiday homes and many take this one on holidays, as it does a good job for making your clothes look wrinkle free.

Many UK buyers use this as it kills off around 99% of all bacteria and is very good at removing odours.

How Online Buyers Rate this

We looked at the online reviews for this product, by checking the websites where this type of product is sold. We made a note of the buyer ratings from all of these.

Then we calculated the average buyer satisfaction score, and that is the percentage score you see just below.

Buyer Satisfaction

What Online Buyers Say about this 

Often it is tiresome to read through the many reviews that you find online. The good news is that we have done that work, and have summarised what buyers had to say just below.


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 86% with 66% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers said this is very useful for taking abroad on holidays
  • Buyers seemed to really like that this was useful for last minute tweaks rather then hauling out the ironing board
  • Buyers said that this generated steam quickly and also heated up again quickly
  • Most buyers agreed that the steamer was useful for stuffed toys, small rugs etc


  • Around 8% of all buyers gave this a poor review
  • A couple of buyers received a faulty product and had to return it
  • A few buyers said it just didn't do that good a job of removing wrinkles 

Short Video Review of the Beautural Clothes Steamer

We managed to find a good video which includes a review of this product. This is worth a watch if you have the time.

Our Verdict on the Beautural Clothes Steamer

Ease of use


Wrinkle Free


Value for Money


Beautural Clothes Steamer handheld steamer
  • We believe this is a good choice if you want a steamer for quick touch ups
  • It has an 8 feet long power cord that swivels to avoid tangling
  • It weighs 1 kg without water so many people will take this on holidays such as cruises
  • The water tank is detachable so as you can fill it up and easily slot this back in to the unit

It is extremely easy to set this up and you just push one button to get going with a fast 30 second heat up. It will give you about 25 grams of steam per minute which means it is safe to use on all garments.

There is also an auto-shutoff is the steamer is not used for 8 minutes.

If this Beautural model is not the product for you, then check out our top 10 list of garment steamers by clicking here.

It is ideal for horizontal spot pressing, and also for vertical steaming. Buyers like the lint brush for getting rid of dust and any small debris.

Buyers also liked the soft brush attachment for curtains etc as the steam could do its work, but the fabric was still protected.

This Beautural garment steamer also kills 99% of all bacteria and acaridae.

We think it is ideal for trips, holidays homes, caravans, and also useful to have at home.

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