Where To Store Ironing Boards 

By  Enda McLarnon

Ironing boards are useful, but one of the major drawbacks with them is where to store them. They are long and awkward and they can also open without warning. That can mean a set of nipped fingers or a crack on the head and neither of those are really a great idea.

In this article I want to suggest some useful ideas where to store your ironing board and what options are available. There are actually quite a few options but mainly it depends on the size of your home, and where you have some room to keep it.

We shall start with the obvious of course and many people will make use of a few different spaces. Ideally the best place to keep your ironing board is in a utility room, if you happen to have one.

Likewise if you happen to have some type of indoor cupboard, many homeowners will put in there. Out of sight and out of mind as they say. Almost every ironing board folds up, and usually the legs click into place to stop them from falling out, and causing an injury.

Ironing boards are bulky and can be quite heavy. If they get bumped into then they can cause enough damage to you, or to anything that is in the surrounding area. It is always better to have them stored safely, and preferably out of the way.

The good news is that there are a few different storage ideas, so hopefully you will be able to find one that suits your purpose.

Ironing Board Storage Solutions

There are two main types of ironing boards available on the market. These are:

  1. Steam Iron boards
  2. Steam Generator ironing boards

The first type if simply your basic board and they come in slightly different sizes and shapes. The second type for the steam generator irons will always be wider and slightly longer. They can be even harder to store safely.

Now if you are also pushed for space, then some type of hanging solution is probably the best idea. I know a few people who store these under the bed as they live in small flats or apartments. That does solve the problem, but it is a pain to get them under the bed, and out from under the bed when you need to use it.

That is why many people turn to table top ironing boards. These can be really handy if you are very tight on space.

Hanging Iron and Board Storage Solutions

Many homeowners turn to a hanging solution. This is usually in the form of a metal bracket, with a basket that will hold the iron and the ironing accessories, and then there is a separate bracket where the ironing board can be hooked up.

You can see an example of a basic iron and ironing board hanger in the image below. These types of ironing board hanger usually cost around £15-20 and they do offer a practical solution to an annoying problem.

wall hanging ironing storage

As you can see the iron goes at the top, and there is a place where you can wind the cord around to help keep that out of the way. The board then hangs just below and keeps both iron and board out of the way, and reduces the amount of space these would normally take up.

Fitting the Iron Bracket

These brackets simply screw to the wall, so you need to be certain that the wall can support the weight, and that you use the right type of fixings to hold the bracket securely to the wall.

A solid wall will hold this weight and to attach the bracket, will mean drilling a few holes in the wall, inserting wall plugs and then attaching the bracket to the wall using screws.

With plasterboard or drywall, you will need to use butterfly screws or dry wall screws to make sure you have a secure fit. These are special screws designed to grip the inside of plaster board or drywall cavity style walls.

Some people screw the bracket to the back of the door, but you do need to be really careful that the door is a solid one that can support the weight. You also need to be careful that you use the right size of screws as you do not want them coming through the door on the other side. (Yes, I have seen this happen more often that you might imagine)

Just below I have listed a few of the most popular choices for home owners for this type of wall bracket.

1. Brabantia Ironing Board Hanger and Iron Store

Brabantia - Iron Store - One Size Fits All - heat resistant materials - Wall Mounted - with Board Hanger for Storage - House Organisation - Cool Grey - 38.1 x 16 x 19.5 cm

This is the biggest selling option online and it comes with an adjustable hook for hanging up the ironing board. This bracket is very easy to fit. It also comes with a flex reel.

It is suitable for all popular steam irons, and is made from heat resistant metal - suitable for a (still) warm iron.

It comes with a 2 year Brabantia guarantee

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £24.00 - 92% buyer satisfaction based on 8,000+ buyer reviews

It measures 19.3 x 26.2 x 23.2 cm and weighs 431 grams. You can use this one just to hold the iron and the board section simply clips back into place, and out of the way. The distance between the two holes is 105 mm if you plan on fitting it to a door, with a little play room each side.

You can hang the iron up when it is still hot. The plate it hooks into is about 1" away from the wall so the heat will not scorch the wall behind.

This does need to be fitted high up on the wall, as you need to take into account the full length of your ironing board. Measure this length before attempting to fit the bracket. The disadvantage with this one is that the actual iron will sit really high up on the wall.

mDesign Wall Mounted Ironing Board Holder - Steel Ironing Board Rack for Easy Organisation

mDesign Wall Mounted Ironing Board Holder - Steel Ironing Board Rack for Easy Organisation - Includes Basket for Iron Storage - Chrome Finish

This is another option to the one above and this one has a handy little basket that holds the iron, and can also be used to hold water jugs or tins of spray.

This one is very easy to attach to the wall or door. It comes with a very nice chrome finish that I think looks really well.

The rack and storage basket are made of durable steel with a stylish chrome finish.

This bracket and storage rack measures 34.4 cm x 18.0 cm x 50.8 cm, and weighs 680 grams.

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £22.99 - 90% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000+ buyer reviews

Over the Door Ironing Board Holders

Some homeowners don't know how to screw brackets etc to the wall, or simply don't want to mark their wall. If that is the case, then an over the door solution is a good choice for you. With this solution you simply hook the holder over a door, and then use the holder to hold your iron and board.

The drawback with this solution is that the door will not close, unless you have enough clearance at the top of the door.

Wall Hooks for Storage

Sometimes a couple of well placed wall hooks will do the job. This is probably the cheapest solution as you simply attach a couple of hooks to the wall, and hang up your board. The only thing you have to get right here is the distance between the two hooks.

As long as the hooks are properly secured to the wall, this is a simple and cheap solution.

Enda McLarnon owner of the Steam Gen Reviews UK website

Enda McLarnon

I hope that you find my How to articles helpful as I know that laundry can be a real chore. On this website, I have tried to help out with buying guides and reviews for the many forms of ironing and other laundry issues.

Enda McLArnon

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  1. HELP.
    Looking for an ironing board protective cover,like a dust cover. For when my IRONING BOARD is hanging ip.
    I am unable to find one. Only found one on Amazon not good reviews.
    Please can you advice where I could purchase one.
    Regards Mrs McCowatt

    1. Hi Mrs McCowatt..we actually don’t have an article on our website for dust covers. The reason for that is they are very hard to find in the UK. There are a few and they get awful reviews so we would never recommend those. I did ask a close friend of mine who works in the laundry industry, and she tells me that https://accommodationsupplies.co.uk/ do a few of these. It’s worth a look and maybe a phone call to see what they have for sale. Most poeple just store their board as is, so sadly not a huge demand for a dust cover.

  2. Hi
    I am looking for a wall mounted bracket that will hold my ironing board but more specific is big enough to house my steam generated iron which is quite bulky. Any advice

    1. As I am sure you know the steam generator irons are larger and heavier than standard steam irons. We haven’t really seen anything on the UK market that we would recommend. Most people store the actual iron on a sturdy shelf or countertop and than store the ironing board separately. We have never seen a wall bracket strong or large enough to hold the larger 1.6+ litre irons. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

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