Tefal GV9563 Pro Express UK Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking the time to read our review of the popular Tefal GV9563

This is at the higher end of the Tefal price range, but it does get very good buyer reviews.

It can provide 7.5 bars of pressure with 140g/min continuous steam and 500g/min steam boost. This model also has an important protection system that prevents stains, by using a scale collector.

This is a lightweight iron with an auto clean soleplate for superior gliding across the clothes. It has a large removable water tank and safety lock.

There are a solid number of online buyers for this Tefal model and overall online buyers have rated this model with an 84% buyer satisfaction rating.

Who Would Buy the Tefal GV9563?

This model of iron is suitable for buyers who want to really reduce the amount of ironing time. This is not the cheapest option on the market for this type of iron, but it is very good quality and has some really useful features.

The online buyers who bought this model did so because they were truly fed up with buying cheaper models, and finding out they either broke down or just didn't last.

They opted for the reliable Tefal brand, and also for this model in particular.

The Tefal Brand

Tefal is part of a bigger group who are known as Groupe SEB.  They are a French company and a number of brands trade under this group name and include, KRUPS, Panex, Rochedo and Rowenta.

Tefal have been around since 1956 and so have a strong 70 year history. They started out as being the first company to make non-stick pots and pans using a Teflon coating. Since then they have gone on to become a household name throughout the UK.

They are now well known for their range of steam irons, and like many other brands, expanded into the steam generator iron market. Tefal were the first to introduce steam generators to the market

How Buyers Rate the GV9563 Model?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall buyers gave this one an excellent rating of 84%.
  • 65% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 11% of buyers so far have given this GV9563 model a bad rating

What Buyers Said About the Tefal GV9563

There are plenty of good deals online for this model, so take a little time and shop around.

We also now know how buyers rated this model and overall the ratings are very good.

In this section, we take a look at what buyers had to say about this Tefal model. We include both the good and the bad, according to real life buyers and users.

We found the easiest way to keep this useful to read was to use a pros and cons table, which we have included below.


  • Buyers said that any Tefal product they bought was made to last and this one fits that bill
  • Buyers said this one looks great, is super easy to use and works really quickly.
  • Almost every buyer said this iron heated up really quickly
  • Most buyers thought the sole plate did an excellent no snagging job


  • Buyers said it doesn't have a retractable cord system
  • A few buyers received a faulty product and had to have it replaced.

GV9563 Specification and Technical Details

Some buyers like to know the technical details, so we have included these in this section

  • Colour is White and Blue
  • Measures 42.3 x 25 x 28.9 cm
  • Weighs - 5.74 Kg
  • 2,600 watts of power
  • 1.9 litre removable water tank (enough for 3 hours of ironing)
  • 7.5 bars of pressure
  • 140 grams per minute of steam
  • 500 grams per minute steam boost
  • Five settings on the base control panel provide a balance of steam and temperature for each different fabric
  • Has a removable scale collector
  • Has an auto-off function

Tefal GV9563 Pro Express - The Features Buyers Like

All irons basically do the same thing and that is of course iron the wrinkles and creases out of clothes. They work simply by heating an element, which in turn heats the sole plate. Irons then have a water chamber, and this also gets heated up to produce steam.

Steam generator irons then take this basic model to the next level. With these you get a large water tank that sits as a separate unit. The iron sits on top of that and uses the water from the tank to turn that into highly pressurised steam.

It is this steam that quickly cuts through creases and wrinkles. There are different types of steam generator irons, some are very basic and cheap, and the better ones have other key features. This GV9563 is at the high end of the feature range.

Large Water Tank

Most water tanks on steam generator irons are anything between 1-1.5 litres in size. That is enough water to be able to iron for anything between 1-2 hours. This model has 1.7 litres and that is enough for about 3 -3.5 hours of ironing, before it needs to be refilled.

That of course saves you having to walk back and forwards to the sink to fill it up. In addition to that, this tank is removable and that means you only have to take the tank to the sink, and not the whole iron.

Automatic Scaling

The one thing that wrecks most irons is limescale. That is the white corrosive powder that you find at the bottom of irons and other kitchen appliances like kettles. This happens when minerals in the water react with the metal in the appliance.

Many steam generator irons will use cartridges or filters to help prevent limescale build up. That means they will need changing over time. Some other irons simply have nothing at all to help with limescale.

The good news about this one is that it has automatic descaling which keeps your iron clean, and also saves you the work.

Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9563 auto descaler

Our Verdict on the Tefal GV9563 Pro Express

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information to decide if the Tefal GV9563 model is the right one for your needs.

Buyers clearly like it as the high satisfaction rating shows. It is at the higher end of the price point for sure, but it is very high quality.

This is an efficient iron that heats up quickly and also glides quickly over the clothes. Buyers did like the large tank as it saved them doing trips to the water tap.

If this is not the right Tefal model for you, then please check out our top 20 list of Tefal steam generator irons by clicking here.

If you prefer you can check out our top 10 list of all the different brands by clicking here.

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