Tefal Gv9461 Protect Autoclean Steam Generator 

By  Carol

Welcome to our review of the Tefal Gv9461 which is a very popular choice for many buyers over at Amazon. There is a lot to like about this product and it does come from one of the leading brands Tefal.

The Tefal GV9461 model is not a cheap iron and at an average price of around £170 you are certainly having to pay for the high quality that you will receive. Most buyers are very satisfied though, so we believe it is worth your consideration.

Gv9461 Features Summary

In a nutshell the features are:

  • 6 bar pressure
  • 260g of steam per minute
  • 1.8 litre removable tank
  • Anti-scale collector
  • Autoclean soleplate
  • Auto-off for safety
  • It has a 3 metre cord (About 10 feet)
  • Auto cable rewind
  • 6 Kg in weight
  • Measures 42 x 24.5 x 34 cm

tefal gv9461 steam iron review

Gv9461 Short Review

You can almost tell simply by looking at this iron that it is high quality. From all the reviews that we have studied this one can take on the most stubborn of creases, and it seems that it can even take creases out of jeans which has to be a very good thing.

If you do any ironing at all, you will know one of the most annoying things is a soleplate that sticks to garments. That is the one thing that will drive me nuts.

All Tefal irons come with a soleplate that will never do that which is fantastic in my opinion. The plates is made from palladium and this metal just makes smooth ironing a joy. (Well you know what I mean, perhaps less painful is a better description)

This iron takes around 2 minutes to heat up and then it is ready for action. The other main thing I liked about this was the way it collects the scale from the tap water. All you need to do is remove the collector at the bottom, give it a  quick rinse under the tap and then replace it.

What Buyers Say About the Tefal Gv9461

When you read through ALL of the reviews, you really do get a good sense of how good or bad a product actually is. The thing is most people just do not have time to do this, so we have done this work for you.

We have summarised the opinions below for your convenience. These are from reviews we read on Amazon, at the manufacturer’s own website and from Which magazine.

General Feel

tefal gv9461Most reviewers said that this iron feels well made and is sturdy and robust. They also said that the product was well made. It is bigger than most steam irons but that is mainly because of the size of the water tank.

The iron handle is comfortable and is the right size for the iron itself. Almost every reviewer stated that this does not make ironing any more enjoyable but they did say that it made it a great deal easier and a heck of a lot faster.

A few people mentioned it was a bit cumbersome if you just wanted to iron a couple of items.

Extra Steam Boost

This is really useful for those stupid creases that sometimes simply refuse to budge. Give it a turbo blast and it is gone. You also have great control over the amount of steam which I really liked and so did many other reviewers.

Auto Cut Off

All people really liked the idea of this good safety feature.

Vertical Steam

This works great for vertical steam shots. These are of course ideal when it comes to suits, dresses or hanging curtains.

Cable Rewind

This is a handy feature to have but like many of these rewinds it does not work as well as most people would like. There are times when you have to encourage it on its way. It is not a big deal but it could be better.

Quick Heat Up

With many steam generator irons you have to wait quite a few minutes for it to heat up. This one is ready to go in about 2 minutes which is really fast so no waiting around if you do decide to take the notion to do a big iron.


Most people loved this but a few living in really hard water areas complained it was not as good as Tefal claimed. To explain this we are talking about the way scale from ordinary tap water can build up at the bottom of the iron, and then cause those nasty spots on your clothes.

To prevent this from happening normally you have to give your iron a good clean and also change filters. With this one you remove the scale from the bottom, rinse it under a tap and replace. Users living in hard water areas said that you still needed to clean out the iron from time to time.

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Summary of the Tefal Gv9461

We would rate this as one of the best steam generating irons currently available in the UK market. Tefal are an excellent brand and they make high quality products. If you have a lot of ironing to do then this will reduce your ironing time by half, so that makes it good in our books.

It is well made and very well put together. The only complaint that we had was the cable not easily retracting and it did need a little help. In the grand scale of things that was a bit annoying, but certainly nothing more than that. It gets creases out quickly, works really well on any material and heats up quickly.

We do not recommend any iron as you will see if you have read any of our reviews, but we have no hesitation in recommend the Gv9461 to anyone.

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