Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron Review 

By  Carol

This is our review of the Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron. There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying a steam iron in the UK, and Tefal is a well known brand with a reliable customer service. They also stock a wide range of parts should you need to find a replacement once the warranty expires.

Who should consider buying the Tefal FV9845?

For anyone who needs to regularly get through big piles of ironing this model is a good choice. It is very well made and designed to last without having any issues with water dripping or other annoying faults.

It has every feature that you will ever need from an iron so is the complete package. The downside is of course the high price point.

Key Specifications


1.45kg (3.2 lbs)


3100 watts

Water tank capacity

350 ml

Constant steam rate


Steam shot


Tefal FV9845 Features Explained

Ultimate Range

This is Tefal's most powerful steam iron and is part of their Tefal Ultimate range. In that range there are four irons and this is their most powerful and also the most expensive in that range.


It comes in black with rose gold profile which does look rather classy. It also has a really nice design to it and it is well balanced in your hands.

Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure


It has 3100 watts of power so heats up in around 90 seconds. It is also really quick at creating steam when refilled with water.


It has a durilium airglide autoclean soleplate. Durilium is just a trade name for a type of treated aluminium. It has 28 steam holes on the soleplate that does give very good steam distribution. The soleplate has a pointed tip ideal for ironing awkward places like between shirt buttons. It also has a rounded bottom that stops the iron from creating creases that a square edge would do.

Auto-off Safety Feature

This FV9845 model does have an automatic cut off feature which will kick in should you forget the iron is on. If left on its heel without being used then it will cut off after 8 minutes. If it gets knocked over or left on its side it cuts off after 30 seconds.

Power Cord Length

The cord is 3 metres long. (9.84 feet( and comes fitted with a UK 3 pin plug.

Water tank capacity

The water tank can hold 350 ml of water. That is about the average for a steam iron. You can see the water level which is really useful.

Limescale Filter

This FV9845 model has an easy to clean filter which stops scale stains and produces filtered steam. All you have to do is empty and rinse clean and put back in. It is called a micro-calc filter and it locks into place.

Steam Quality

The constant steam output is very good and that makes ironing easier. The steam shot is really strong and that makes it exceptionally good at removing those tough wrinkles or creases.

As you can see there is no shortage of features and this steam iron pretty much has all the features that you are ever going to need.


  • Very good quality and well designed
  • The features are very good
  • It glides really well and good at stubborn creases.


  • It is a heavy iron
  • Filling the water tank is awkward
  • It's quite big so hard enough to store

Our Opinion of the Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron.



Easy to use


This is a good quality iron but the main complaint from buyers is the weight of the iron when the water tank is filled.

75% of all buyers give this a full 5 star review and those buyers were very pleased with this especially when they have a lot of ironing to do on a regular basis.

About 4% of all buyers complained about the weight of this iron and also about the higher price point.

If you can afford it and regularly have to iron then we like this product a lot as long as you know it is heavy.

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

If this is not the Tefal steam iron for you, then check out our full list of Tefal steam irons by clicking here. If you are not precious about the Tefal brand, then you can also check out our full list of all brands of irons by clicking here.

Tefal Brand

Tefal is part of a bigger group who are known as Groupe SEB and are a French company. A number of brands trade under this group name and include, KRUPS, Panex, Rochedo and Rowenta.

Tefal have been around since 1956 and started out as being the first company to make non-stick pots and pans using a Teflon coating. Since then they have gone on to become a household name throughout the UK.

They are now well known for their range of steam irons, and like many other brands, expanded into the steam generator iron market. Tefal were the first to introduce steam generators to the market

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