Russell Hobbs 24440 Steam Generator Iron UK Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking the time to read our review of the Russell Hobbs 24440 steam generator iron. This model is one of the best sellers for this popular brand and part of their Series 3 range. As you may know this type of iron is all about cutting down the amount of time you have to spend ironing. This one certainly ticks that box.

There are lots of different models available on the UK market, so we are going to explain why you should consider buying this one.

At a Glance Review of the 24440 Model

Ease of use


Effective Ironing


Value for Money


If you don't have time to read our detailed review, then you can check the availability at Amazon UK by clicking here.

Short Description of the 24440

This iron has an RRP of £119.99 but you will be able to find this cheaper online. Prices change all of the time though, so always remember to shop around. This model is exceptionally good at getting creases out of clothes like no ordinary steam iron can do. That is because it delivers a lot of very hot steam and makes ironing everything so easy

Like all steam generator irons, one major benefit is that it can be used for vertical steaming which is very useful for curtains, jackets, dresses, bed linen etc.

This model has a really nice purple/white appearance which does look really good. It's nice and light, comes with 3 simple steam settings and a good quality ceramic soleplate. Combine these features with a 1.3 litre water tank, descaling feature and auto-shut off, this does make for a high quality iron.

Russell Hobbs 24440 Steam Generator Iron Review

How Online Buyers Rate this Model

We looked at the online reviews for this product, by checking the websites where this type of product is sold. We made a note of the buyer ratings from all of these.

Then we calculated the average buyer satisfaction score, and that is the percentage score you see just below.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 70% of all buyers gave this model a full 5 star review
  • 3% of all buyers gave it a poor review

This is based on over 3,000 online buyer reviews, proof itself that this sells well and gets good ratings.

What Online Buyers Say about this Model

Often it is tiresome to read through the many reviews that you find online. The good news is that we have done that work, and have summarised what buyers had to say just below.


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 90% with 70% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers said this model has saved them lots of time and cut ironing time in half
  • Smaller than the larger steam generator irons but still big enough to get the job done and easier to use with an ironing board
  • Buyers liked the simple and easy to use steam settings which they say are much easier to use
  • Most buyers loved the plug socket storage which most models don't have


  • Around 3% of all buyers gave this a poor review
  • Buyers say there is a slight delay when hitting the steam button until the steam comes out

Russell Hobbs 24440 Features We Like

Our Favourite Features

1.3 Litre Water Tank

Tanks on steam generator irons vary in size from 1.1 litres to 2 litres. This 24440 model has a 1.3 litre water tank which places this iron in the compact range of these generators. That is large enough to do about an hour's worth of ironing without having to fill the tank, and is still small enough to fit on a standard ironing board.

Vertical Steaming

This iron produces a lot of continuous steam (100 g/min) which is perfect for vertical steaming. That type of steaming can be used on hanging curtains, freshening up bedding and even mattresses.

Buyers say this is very good for removing odours as well.

Steam Settings

Most steam generator irons have a range of fabric settings which you need to select. This model makes life easier as it has 3 levels of steam (low/medium/high) which you can select quickly. It is just a much simpler solution that puts you in control.

Limescale prevention

This model comes with a limescale system and a Calc-clean reminder light. To do this it has an anti scale cartridge that purifies the water on its way into the tank to help reduce the build up of limescale.

There is another filter designed to capture any limescale that does manage to enter the system which can then be easily emptied and cleaned by rinsing under the tap.

In addition to that this model also has automatic shut-off should you ever happen to forget that it is on. It certainly offers the user peace of mind. This iron heats up in about a minute thanks to the 2600 watt boiler that then produces up to 100g/min of continuous steam. We also wanted to mention the soleplate which is made of ceramic and that ensures a very smooth ironing experience that is snag free.

Short Video Review of the 24440

We managed to find a good video which includes a review of this product. This is worth a watch if you have the time.

Russell Hobbs Brand

Russell Hobbs are a British manufacturer of many household appliances and are very well known for their steam irons. They formed in 1952 when Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs teamed up to transform kitchens across Britain.

Their UK website is very good and has plenty of information.

Our Verdict on the Russell Hobbs 24440

Ease of use


Wrinkle Free


Value for Money


  • Online buyers have given this steam generator iron a solid and consistent buyer satisfaction rating
  • When you see over 3,000 online reviews it tells us that this is a very big seller on the UK market, and deservedly so
  • We think this is a good choice if you want to own a steam generator iron that really speeds up your ironing and remains relatively compact and fits on your existing ironing board
  • It is very rich in features and has just about any feature you would want on this type of iron
  • Compared to other similar models on the UK market this one offers excellent value for money.
  • Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £79.99 - 84% buyer satisfaction based on 1,400 buyer reviews

If this is not the steam generator iron for you, then check out our list of Russell Hobbs steam generator irons here.

Alternatively you can check the top 10 list of all brands of steam generator iron by clicking here.

The Russell Hobbs 24440 steam generator iron compares very well with any other steam generator iron on the UK market right now.

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March 14, 2022

Russell Hobbs make 6 different models of steam

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March 14, 2022

Russell Hobbs make 6 different models of steam