Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 Review 

By  Carol

Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619-20This is our review of the Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 model which is the best seller in the entire Philips range of irons.

This Philips GC7619/20 PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron has in fact been their best seller for quite some time, and I think it will stay like that for a very long time to come.

If you like this brand, then now at least you know this is their best selling product and for around £170 I think it is also their best value for money.

The average price for this type of iron is about £170-210 so this one is some £30 cheaper than the average steam generator iron price.

Quick Guide to the GC7619/20 Model

If you haven’t time to read my full review below, then here is a quick guide to the main features:

  • Smaller than a normal steam generator making it light and easy to store away
  • It has a 5 bar pressure which is plenty powerful enough to get through stubborn creases
  • Delivers about 120 grams of steam per minute which is typical for these types of irons
  • Has a 1.5 litre tank which is enough for about 1.5-2 hours of continuous ironing if you can do that

Those are the basics, but if you like more detail, then please keep reading.

Detailed Review of the GC7619

For those of you who prefer more detail, then you will find the rest of this review really useful.

I don’t own this iron myself and I could not find a good video in English so the one above gives you a sense of what the iron can do. The important thing to really understand about this one is that it does not become a best selling product for no reason. Philips do know what they are doing and have been making these products for many years.

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  1. This one is guaranteed not to burn clothes as it has a single setting for both steam and temperature
  2. It has a high bar rating of 5.0 bars, and when needed can deliver a one shot boost of 200 grams of steam for stubborn wrinkles
  3. Many people have issues storing these because of their size – this one is about 40% smaller than most others
  4. There are more holes in the plate of this iron than normal ones, which means more steam and therefore faster ironing.
  5. It uses filter cartridges that take out about 99% of contamination from tap water – that simply protects your new iron and makes it last longer.

What The Buyers Say Is Good About the GC7619/20

There are over 500 online buyer reviews and they have rated this one on average with a 76% buyer satisfaction rating which is very good. The main things they liked were:

  • Great anti-scale on this as many do not work on other irons – an easy plug and go cartridge
  • If you leave the iron on one spot and forget about it, it will not burn your clothes
  • Takes about a minute to heat up
  • They love the soleplate as it is very smooth
  • Great for ironing vertically for dresses and curtains

What The Buyers Say Is Not So Good About the GC7619/20

  • It uses too many filtering cartridges
  • Is heavier than some other similar models
  • No heel to make it stand up

Is This A Great Purchase?

This steam generating iron by Philips is definitely a great purchase and I am not surprised that it has received so many good reviews. For me this iron is nice and compact, produces plenty of steam and that will cut the amount of time you have to stand at an ironing board. That is always a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Check Availability on Amazon UK

If this is not the Philips model for you, then check out our top 10 page on Philips Steam Generator Irons.

For this model though, on average this one costs about £180 and at the price point it is good value for your money. Many of these cost upwards of £200 so as you can see this one is better priced. The iron has a nice appearance, functions as it should and all of that is supported by plenty of positive reviews.

If you shop around though you will be able to get this one cheaper. You can also buy this model and it is bundled with a number of cartridges.

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  1. Have one of the Philips pure GC7619/20 Steam generator
    Baught it in Fitzgerald electric in limerick
    Was a great iron only had it 3 years when it went wrong the GGreen eco light come on and won’t heat any more have to plug it out to get light to go off and back to the same thing happened again and again
    Please let me know how to solve the problem

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