Philips GC8651/10 Steam Generator UK Review 

By  Carol

On this page you will find a full review of the GC8651/10 from the Philip’s brand. This one costs in and around £210 and that price can vary anything between £210 and right up to £260, so just be careful where you make your purchase.

Overall online buyers who have left a review give this Philip’s model an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars which is very good. This is a big iron with plenty of power, so certainly well worth a closer look.

For those who don’t have time to read my full review, then please click here, to check availability over at Amazon in the UK.


Philips GC8651-10This model forms part of their PerfectCare range and uses a large 2.5 litre capacity to do its work, and is powered by a full 2,400 watts of energy.

Like the other irons in this range the entire principle behind using this range is that you do not have to fiddle around with settings.

So whether you are ironing a silk blouse, a cotton shirt or a pair of blue jeans you do not need to change the settings as the iron figures out what temperature is required.

If you have never used one before then it takes a bit of faith and trust in your new iron to do this.

No Noise

You do not need to fear as it works perfectly and nothing will get burned or singed. This iron is also super quiet and unlike many irons that use steam, you will not hear much noise coming from this one, so no complaints from those in the same room.

Easy to Clean

Philips’ exclusive Easy De-Calc function provides the ideal way to get rid of limescale and this helps extend the lifetime of your steam generator iron. Your iron will remind you to de-calc with light and sound. So all you really have to do is wait until the iron has cooled down, then open the small knob and collect the dirty water in a cup.

Pros & What Buyers Liked About The GC8651/10

I always like to include a section in my reviews where I summarise what Amazon buyers actually said were the good points of this particular model. Underneath that you will also see what buyers didn’t like about this model.

  • It is light in weight and easy to handle
  • Not having to adjust the temperature for different fabrics is a great feature
  • People liked the simple to use features
  • Looks great and is well designed

Cons & What Buyers Didn’t Like About The GC8651/10

  • Some buyers complained about this spilling out brown water and got refunded from Amazon
  • Some buyers said the electric lead is too short and I do have to agree. It is only one metre long and that is annoying.
  • You do need a specialist ironing board like the Barbantia

Summary & Recommendation For The GC8651/10

Overall this one gets good enough ratings. There are also enough buyer reviews that shows this model sells regularly. I just think there are better choices available.

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