Philips GC7635/30 Steam Generator UK Review 

By  Carol

On this page you will find a full review of the GC7635/30 which is part of the Philips PerfectCare range. This one costs on average around £170 depending on where you make your final purchase. Many people make this their first choice as it is at a sensible price point.

It gets good enough reviews as over 150 buyer reviews have rated this one at 4.0 stars out of 5. Now that is not as good as some of the others on my Top 10 List, and you can find out about those by clicking here.

For those who don’t have time to read my full review, then please click here, to check availability at Amazon UK


If you are someone who just wants to get the ironing done as quickly as possible, then you should know that a steam generating iron is the way to go. This model is at the lower end of the price point and from a very good and well known brand.

This one is light and super simple to use. It is also easy to store away. Many other irons of this type are quite large and bulky and difficult to store, but this one is not. It will really speed up your ironing if you have only ever used an ordinary steam iron in the past.


It has a 1.5 litre tank which you can fill up and that should last you for around 2-2.5 hours of ironing (if you can manage that)

One Temperature

This iron only has one temperature and one steam setting so it delivers what the manufacturer describes as care free ironing. In real terms what that means is you don’t have to worry about the type of fabric or material that you are ironing. This iron will not burn it as it uses steam to do the work.

Filtration Cartridges

It also uses cartridges that help filter the water and removes all the impurities. That simply means scale will not build up in your iron and that in turn extends its life. It also means no risk of any water stains on your clothes. That is well worth considering.

Philips GC7635-30 ironPros & What Buyers Liked About The GC7635/30

  • Really fast to get through the ironing
  • Good value for money
  • Very fast heat up time
  • Compact and light

Cons & What Buyers Didn’t Like About The GC7635/30

  • Some buyers just didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t control the heat of the iron
  • Some thought the economy setting didn’t give enough steam

Summary & Recommendation For The GC7635/30

So in summary the GC7635/30 model is a compact steam generating iron. It is powered by 2,400 watts and has a 1.5 litre tank. It also has a carry lock which is a very good thing when it comes to storing your iron. There will be no risk of water or lime scale stains and your clothes will never get burn marks.

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The sole plate is great and will not tag or catch on your clothes and it can also be used for vertical steaming. It has 5 bars of steam pressure, has 120 grams of continuous steam and a shot boost of steam at 240 grams to help deal with stubborn creases and wrinkles.

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