Philips GC7521/02 Steam Generator Iron Review 

By  Carol

On this page you will find a full review of the GC7521/02. Like many in the Philips range, this iron has been specifically designed to speed up the entire ironing process. There are very few people that I know who enjoy ironing and the faster you can get it done the better. That is what these steam generating irons are really all about.

Below I have done a detailed review on this particular model.


There are a number of different models in the PerfectCare range and this one prices in at an average of £150. Many people do pick this one as their first choice, though in our opinion it is not the best one in their range. This one is a matter of balancing the features against the price. We have done a Top 10 table by rating if you want to check that first.

Now all of that said generally speaking buyers like this model and have rated it at 4.3 out of 5 stars. That is a decent rating and over 60 buyers have taken the time to leave a review. The price point does put most people off though there are certainly more expensive models out there. Let’s have a look and see what you are getting for your hard earned cash.

Pressure and Steam

GC7521_02-APP-global-001These irons make easy work of creases and wrinkles by using steam. Temperature is not important when doing this as it is the steam that does the real work. This model has 5 bars of pressure which is excellent and up to 120 grams of steam per minute, more than enough to get the ironing done quickly.

This one takes around 2 minutes to fully heat up and start generating the right amount and pressure of steam and that is also a great feature to have especially when you are in a hurry. The bottom line is the more steam you have the faster your ironing will be.


One of the features of this iron that makes it stand out from many of its rivals is that the iron itself is light in weight.

Technical Details

  • Measures 42.9 x 40 x 20.6 cms and weighs 4.5 Kg
  • Uses 2,400 watts of power
  • 120 grams per minute of steam
  • 1 litre water tank good for about 60-90 minutes of ironing
  • 5 bars of pressure
  • High quality sole plate
  • Uses anti-calc tablets to stop the iron from scaling

Pros & What Buyers Liked About The GC7521/02

  • Well built, solid and looks great
  • There is a transparent tank so as you can see the water level
  • This is a fast way of ironing and surprised many buyers just how fast it was

Cons & What Buyers Didn’t Like About The GC7521/02

  • Many would have preferred a bigger water tank but most think it is ok
  • Some buyers were shocked about how big the unit was (They all are much bigger than a normal iron)
  • Some buyers said this one is noisy and they are right (Again most are)

Summary & Recommendation For The GC7521/02

One buyer said this and I think it neatly sums up this model

After getting through two large baskets of ironing in one session, I can say that
this iron definitely made the task easier and quicker and I would not want to go
back to a conventional steam iron for full-on ironing sessions.

There are better irons but you will pay a little more for them. At the average £150 price point we think this is good value for money. When people buy these for the first time they are usually taken aback by their size, by the noise they make and the incredible amount of steam that they produce.

It is not anything to worry about though and they will cut your ironing time in half.

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