Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 333031 UK Review 

By  Carol

Thanks for taking your time to read our detailed review of the popular and affordable Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 333031 model. 

This particular model costs around £75 to £100 on average, but is still in the lower price point range for this type of iron.

When we were doing our review we found over 200 online buyer reviews and those buyers have given this steam generating iron, an average buyer satisfaction rating of 88%, which is excellent.

This iron also sits in the compact range of steam generating irons, so it is not one of the heavier styles. We shall explain that in more detail later in this review, and why that makes a difference.

In the remainder of this review, we explain the buyer ratings, show what buyers have said after they have bought and used this iron, and also point out the really important key features, that we believe to be the most important ones to consider.

Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 333021

Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 333031 Model

Quick List of Features


This iron has a diamond soleplate, which means it is very smooth and has also been built to last.


It has a 1 litre water tank capacity which means less trips to the sink to fill up. Other irons in this category have larger tanks but that also makes them bulky. This tank is big enough, and yet compact enough to keep the iron light.


This iron has a water spray similar to what you find on most steam irons. It also has a consistent steam output of 100 grams to help get through wrinkles and creases quickly


It also has an anti-scale cartridge that prevents the build up of limescale in your iron, and as such will prolong the life of your new purchase.

How Buyers Rate the Morphy Richards 333031 Model

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall over 100 online buyers have given this steam generator iron an average 88% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 71% have given this iron a full 5 star rating
  • 5% of all buyers have given this a bad rating

What Buyers Say About the Morphy Richards 333031 Model


  • Most buyers said that this was very good value for money when compared to other similar steam generator irons
  • Almost every buyer says that this is extremely fast for ironing and gets the job done really quickly
  • Buyers like the fact that this iron is compact, and will fit on most standard sized ironing boards
  • Many buyers have bought this one having bought more expensive models before, and think this one actually does a better job


  • A couple of buyers said their iron started to leak after a year
  • A few buyers say this over steams

Morphy Richards 333031 Specification

  • Measures 41.6 x 30.4 x 24.8 cm
  • Weighs 3.75 Kg
  • 2,200 watts of power
  • Comes in blue/white colour only
  • Has a diamond stainless steel soleplate
  • Has 100 grams high level steam output
  • Has a 1 litre water tank capacity
  • Has a water spray
  • Has an anti-scale cartridge that can be replaced when required
  • Quick heat up
  • Soft grip handle
  • Can be used in the vertical position to do shirts, dresses and curtains, sheets etc

Our Verdict on the Morphy Richards 333031 Steam Generator Iron

There are a lot of steam generator irons on the UK market, and indeed many of them are made by the Morphy Richards brand.

This is one of their most affordable, and also one of their highest rated models.

The number of bad ratings is low at only 5%, and overall buyers are well impressed by their purchase.

However if this is not the iron for you, then check out our top 15 list of steam generating irons by clicking here.

You can also check the full range of Morphy Richards Steam Generator irons by clicking here.

Before doing that though, it is worth pointing out that this 333031 model did come out at number six on our list, for buyer ratings and value for money.

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