Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 330002 Review 

By  Carol

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 330002
The Popular Blue Model

In this article we review the 330002 model from the leading brand Morphy Richards.

UPDATE: This model is no longer available. Why not check out our top 10 list of all the Morphy Richards steam generator irons by clicking here.

This is at the higher end of the price range so is certainly not a cheap option. Costing around £160-200 this is a big investment.

So is this one that you should consider to do your ironing? In this review we will be having a much closer look at this particular model.

As you can see from the image on the right, this iron looks great so we don’t have to worry too much about that. As you can see you can also get this one in a red colour if you don’t fancy the blue version.

Quick Guide To The 330002 Model

For those of you who don’t have time to read my full review below, I have done a shorter version so as you can see the main features at a glance. For this sort of money though I would encourage you to read the full review.

  • Has a large 6.5 bar pressure and can produce 160 grams of constant steam – that is very good for stubborn wrinkles
  • A nice choice of colours though I do prefer the softer blue
  • A huge 2 litre tank to save multiple journeys to the sink
  • Ceramic soleplate for smooth snag free ironing.

This one forms part of the Morphy Richards Steam Elite range. It is a fairly new edition and has actually dropped in price since it was first launched as many of these do over time. It does create a very strong steam and that is thanks to the 2,400 watts of power that this iron is capable of.

The controls are easy to use and it is pretty simple to clean when it needs it.

Detailed Review of the 330002 Model

In this section we get into more detail which should help you decide if this one really is for you. A lot of people have bought this one and some of them have taken the time to write a review from a buyer’s experience of using this steam generating iron. Those are always worth looking at so I have summarised those below. Here is a quick video overview of the product.

What Actual Buyers Say

Generally speaking the reviews are very positive for this model. That is supported by around 100 buyer reviews over at Amazon, who give this a consistent average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. That is always a very good thing to see.

A few people have said that this one can start spraying water and can be dangerous. That would concern me also I have to say and would make me nervous about recommending this one to you. If it has also put you off then you can read my list of the best ones available right now by clicking here.

It is however worth pointing out that only a minority of people have had that problem. I therefore don’t want to put you off the notion of this one but please be aware of this at least. you will of course be able to get a refund under warranty so all will not be lost. at the end of the day most reviews are positive so you just have to make your own mind up.

I wouldn’t buy it myself as I would hate to think what might happen. There are as you can see though plenty of happy buyers. I do like this brand so it would not put me off buying other products in their range.

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