Morphy Richards Jet Stream 42234 Review 

By  Carol

The 42234 model from Morphy Richards remains one of the very best sellers in steam generating irons. For me that certainly made it well worth doing a detailed review on and that is what you will find just below.

This Morphy Richards 42234 model of iron is available in a number of stores at an average price of around £80. That is considered to be at the lower end of the price point scale for an iron of this type. The picture below gives you a nice idea of what this product looks like.

The brand name of Morphy Richards is also very well known especially in the United Kingdom.

At this point though it is worth noting that this is an older model of an iron. There is a newer model and version of this iron and that is the Morphy Richards 333020, and you can review that by clicking here.

However as the 42234 still sells really well, you can continue to read this review, if you are still interested in this particular model.

Morphy Richards Jet Stream 42234

This is a pretty classic style and overall has a very nice appearance. Online at various websites I found around  300+ buyer reviews.

Overall they have rated this iron with an 84% buyer satisfaction rating. That is a nice solid rating and one that has endured over time.

Let’s have a look at the main features and benefits of this iron to see if it is something that would suit you.

Key Features of the 42234

  • It has a removable water tank which makes it ideal for easy filling – that makes life a great deal easier as you can fill the water tank at the tap and then bring it back to the iron.
  • If you need to iron curtains or hanging garments, then this one has a vertical steam option, and that is also a feature that I have found to be very useful.
  • Good lime scale filters that are easy to change, and very important if you happen to live in a hard water area in the UK

Those are I think pretty good features to have and I just wouldn’t buy an iron that didn’t have these as standard. So in terms of the important features to have, this lower priced model certainly has those.

The Important Technical Specifications

I don’t want to provide you with a long list of technical stuff so will just list the important things you should know:

  • It has 2,300 watts of power – that means it will be really good at removing creases
  • Holds a full one litre of water and that lasts a long time (typically 1.5-2 hours)
  • Has a diamond sole plate which helps it glide
  • Has a 5 feet long cord
  • Plenty of available parts such as filters
  • Weighs 3.66 kg and measures 36 x 30 x 17.5 cm

Summary of Buyer Reviews with Pros & Cons

If you have never used a steam generator iron before then honestly this will take your breath away in terms of getting your ironing done really quickly. This type of steam generating iron is a big step up from your normal steam iron.

If you have used a steam generating iron before, then one of the major differences between this one and older models is the weight. This one really is a lot lighter, though it is still heavy enough when filled with a litre of water.

This iron according to the many buyers will make your ironing a great deal quicker. As I have mentioned this one is also lightweight, very easy to use and produces a generous amount of steam. It is well priced for this type of iron as with many other models you will pay well over £100.

Hopefully that gives you a sense of what many of the reviews are like and that you can see it is a really good product.morphy richards replacement filters


You do have to look at a lot of reviews before you can find anything bad to say about this product. I decided to have a look at the 1-star reviews as you can identify there if there are common problems.

I did find a common theme as of the six reviews there, three of them were because the buyer dropped the water tank and it cracked. They were then annoyed that this was not covered under warranty.

As much as I do understand their frustration, I don’t think that it is really a reason to give a product a 1-star review.

At the end of the day it was not the fault of the iron or of Morphy Richards that the customer dropped the tank. Other than those complaints there was not really anything else of consequence.

My Verdict

This is one of the best selling steam generator iron in the UK and for very good reasons. It does represent really good value for money, has all the important features that you will need, is light in weight and helps get ironing done quicker that an ordinary steam iron.

Check Current Availability Online

If this is not the iron choice for you, then why not have a look at my top 10 list of the best selling steam generator irons by clicking on the link below.

Click here to see the top 10 best selling steam generating irons.

The reviews online by real UK buyers are solid and the few negative ones that I did find were down to those customers dropping the water tank and breaking it. Generally speaking though, buyers said that this model did a very good job, and there were not a lot of problems with it.

The fact that you can easily get parts for this is also a very good thing. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get your hands on filters and other smaller parts if you need to change them. Morphy Richards are good at this and they also have local UK customer service.

If you need to iron a lot of denim, or heavy fabrics then this iron will make that task a great deal easier. It also works well on any hanging garments as it has the vertical steaming option.

There is a newer model and version of this iron and that is the Morphy Richards 333020, and you can review that by clicking here.

The newer model costs roughly the same price and also gets excellent reviews.

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