Morphy Richards Elite 330004 Steam Generator UK Review 

By  Carol

The Elite 330004 is a nice mid-range product from Morphy Richards. On average this model costs about £200 depending on where you make your final purchase. On average buyers have rated this one at 78%, so a pretty good and consistent rating.

It is a 5 bar pressure iron with an extra large water tank. When first released this one cost around £300 so has dropped a lot in price since then.

Below I have done a full review of this model, and it is another good choice of iron, in the Morphy Richards range. This particular model is in their “Elite” range.


Morphy Richards 330004 Model


  • It measures 45.6 x 38.6 x 28.5 cm and weighs 7 Kg
  • It is powered by 2,400 watts which can deliver 190 grams per minute of instant steam under 5 bars of pressure
    It has a ceramic soleplate
  • This one has a high volume 2 litre detachable tank (6-8 hours of ironing)
  • Super easy to use
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

The main benefit here is really the very large tank. Many of these better quality irons will have 1 litre tanks.

A 1 litre tank can give you about 3-4 hours of uninterrupted ironing (sounds like fun) so with double the capacity on this one, you get to have double the length of potential ironing time.

Main Pros & What Buyers Liked

70% of buyers gave this iron the full 5 star rating so that is always a good sign. Overall the huge majority of the reviews were all positive. I have listed below the benefits people mentioned on a regular basis.

  • Thought that the steam function on this iron was fantastic
  • The instructions were very easy to understand
    • The auto shut off function was great and a super safety factor
    • They loved the smoothness of the ceramic soleplate
    • They loved how the vertical steaming worked.

Main Cons & What Buyers Didn’t Like

There are not a lot of complaints but there were a couple of common ones which buyers did not like. I have listed those below.

  • They said that de-scaling this iron was a nightmare

Other than this single complaint, I could find nothing else that concerned people.

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De-scaling problem

You do have to unscrew the boiler screw. That allows you to detach the boiler and rinse it out. Only ever do this when the iron has cooled down. Now you do get a boiler key (located on the underside of the boiler unit) with this iron and it should work when de-scaling.

Some buyers found that the screw was hard to budge. An easier way is to use a 16 mm socket if you happen to have a socket set.

These are usually much stronger and get a better grip on the screw. When you do this the first time, then add a spot of grease when you tighten the screw again. That will make it easier to undo the next time.

I should also mention that to keep any iron in good working order, then it depends on the amount of use, how often this needs to be done. The average time is about every 3 months. Some irons use cartridges but they can be expensive. With this one I would say rinse out the boiler every 3 months and you should be ok.

Hard Water Areas

All manufacturers recommend that in hard water areas, distilled water, or water softeners should be used. This will extend the life of any iron as it stops a scale building up.

Contact Numbers

The UK helpline number for this iron is 0844-871-0960 and for spares call 0844-873-0726

Summary and Recommendation

This iron really is super simple to set up and use. There are a number of useful lights which help to keep you informed:

  • On/Off button and Power indicator light
  • Low level of water light turns blue and you will hear a buzzing noise
  • De-scaling warning – turns red
  • Steam Level Buttons No 19 is low, No 20 is medium and no 21 is high

Buyers do seem to like this iron with the only complaint being about the de-scaling issue which I have covered above.

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It gets nice consistent ratings, and if you find it at the right price, will be a very good buy.

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  1. I have tried everything to get the bolt out for de-scaling and it won’t budge love the iron but not happy with not being able to loosen this bolt????

    1. Most likely it has rusted, and that will make it hard to shift. If you have any WD40 spray that one, and let it soak for 30 minutes…then try it again…if you know someone with a socket set, that has a long handle…that will also work

  2. Had my first one of these that lasted 13 months and stopped working . Sent a replacement which lasted 14 months. As that meant it was over the 2 year guarantee by a few months. I was told “electrical things stop working” so if you are happy that they only have a year of life then this is for you. After reading other makes reviews , the average age was 8 to 10 years so I’m going to buy a different make this time.

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