Morphy Richards 332006 Steam Generator Iron Review 

By  Carol

Thanks for taking the time to read our review of the Morphy Richards 332006 Steam Generator Iron. This company have 16 models of this type of iron.

The reality is that this model does not get the best of reviews, and based on what we have read, it most certainly divides opinion, as we shall see later in this review.

There are not a lot of reviews to be honest, so any that are there, do need to be treated with a little caution. A couple of bad reviews tends to skew the overall rating, when there are only a small number of reviews to begin with.

So far, there are around 50 online reviews for this model, and on average they have given this iron a 70% buyer satisfaction rating. We like to see this average satisfaction rating at a least 80%+

The Morphy Richards 332006 steam generator iron is at the high end of the price scale, doesn't get a high review rating, has a large 2.2 litre water tank, with an ionic soleplate and an auto clean feature.

We review this iron in detail, but for anyone in a hurry we have done a short summary review just below.

At a Glance Review of the 332006

Ease of use


Effective Ironing


Value for Money


morphy richards 332006 uk review

The Morphy Richards 332006 model

If you don't have time to read our detailed review, then you can check the availability at Amazon UK by clicking here.

Short Description of the Morphy Richards 332006

This iron has a high enough price tag at over £275.00 so it is not a cheap purchase. About 50% of all buyers love this model and around a third of buyers hated it.

It is interesting sometimes just how much a product can divide opinion. This model certainly has, and we know that there are better models available on the UK market, at better prices.

Those buyers who do love it sat this is the best iron they have ever used, and those who are not fans, stated that it stopped working after a year, or just after the warranty date.

That is the main reason for any bad reviews.

How Online Buyers Rate this Model

We looked at the online reviews for this product, by checking the websites where this type of product is sold. We made a note of the buyer ratings from all of these.

Then we calculated the average buyer satisfaction score, and that is the percentage score you see just below.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 49% of all buyers gave this model a full 5 star review
  • 24% of all buyers gave it a poor review

What Online Buyers Say about this Model

Often it is tiresome to read through the many reviews that you find online. The good news is that we have done that work, and have summarised what buyers had to say just below.


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 70% with 49% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers said that this is not a cheap purchase unless you could find it in a special offer or deal
  • Most buyers commented that the self clean feature on this makes it mich better than other models
  • Buyers liked almost every feature and the fact that it helped cut their ironing time by at least a half


  • Around 24% of all buyers gave this a poor review
  • A few buyers said this model stopped working after 1-2 years of use and out of warranty
  • A few buyers said it started to develop issues after a couple of weeks

332006 Features We Like

Our Favourite Features

Large Water Tank

The water tanks is huge at 2.2 litres and one of the biggest available. A full tank gives you just over 3 hours of ironing.

Vertical Steaming

This iron produces a lot of continuous steam which is perfect for vertical steaming.

Makes it useful for dresses, bedding and curtains

Easy To Use

Overall buyers agreed that this particular model is easy to use.

The control panel allows you to select a low, medium or high steam setting.

There are also controls for steam, power on, descale and dry tank alert.

Safety Locking

The safe carry lock securely fastens your iron to its base without risk of slipping, so it’s easy to carry around and store.

This model is like many in the extensive Morphy Richards range. It has a distinctive red/black colour, has cord storage which is always useful, and the important automatic cut off safety feature.

Morphy Richards Brand

Morphy Richards is an extremely well known brand in the UK. They make a range of household apliances such as toasters, kettles, steam irons and steam generator irons.

They have a UK customer care team (0344 871 0944) and they stock a wide range of parts for their products. They formed back in 1930 and were bought over in 1980 by the CFI Group.

More homes in the UK have some type of small appliance from Morphy Richards than any other brand.

Our Verdict on the 332006

Ease of use


Wrinkle Free


Value for Money


  • For us the price point is high, and we would be looking for a bargain, before considering this purchase
  • As we mentioned this model divides opinion almost in half.
  • The iron seems to work really well in terms of getting creases out, and it is easy enough to use
  • The complaints are higher than we would like and were caused by a few buyers who were clearly not happy about problems that happened after the warranty period.

If this model is not the exact product for you, then check out our top 10 list of Morphy Richards steam generator irons by clicking here.

Alternatively you can check the top 10 list of all brands of steam generator iron by clicking here.

For buyers who bought this, some loved it and some hated it. We just think there are other Morphy Richards models available, that are more affordable and get higher buyer ratings.

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