Morphy Richards 330013 

By  Carol

In this article we review the popular The 330013 model is in the affordable price range when it comes to a steam generating iron from Morphy Richards.

This Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 330013 Steam Generator Iron is however one of the cheaper models in their extensive range. Please don’t misunderstand as I do know that almost £60-100 is not cheap for any steam type iron.

However the average price of a good quality iron of this nature is around £125-150, so you can see that this one is slightly lower than that.

It is nonetheless a very high quality product that will help slash ironing times by half. For a little over £100 I think that is a really good deal so we will have a look at this model in more detail. For those of you who don’t have a lot of time to read a detailed review I have produced a quick guide below. The more detailed one is further down the page.

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 330013 Steam Generator IronQuick Guide to the 330013 Steam Generator Iron

  • Costs around £60-100 depending on where you buy it
  • 84% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Ionic soleplate for glide style ironing
  • A water tank that hold 1.7 litres of water
  • 160 grams of instant steam
  • Purple colour

This one weighs just under 5 Kg (About 11 lbs). It has 2,400 watts of power which is more than enough to get rid of stubborn creases and wrinkles.

This particular model has 5 bars of pressure and it makes use of an easy to clean lime scale filter, for easy cleaning and to keep your iron in good working order.

Detailed Review of the 330013 Iron

When you see an iron that gets such very high ratings, you expect that there will be a high price point to pay. This one normally retails at around £129.99 which we feel is a really good price. However right now on Amazon it is just under £116 and we think that is exceptional value for money. With a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars, you know you are getting a high quality iron.

Water Tank Capacity

This one has a 1.7 litre capacity which should cut down on those trips to the sink. The tank is easy to remove and fill so you don’t have to carry the iron with you. That of course makes that journey to the sink a lot safer.

Steam Pressures

This one has a high bar pressure of 5 bars and can produce 160 grams of instant steam to deal with any stubborn creases in your clothes. As you may already know steam will loosen up any fabric and that just makes ironing a lot easier, and more importantly a lot faster.


Morphy-Richards-Power-330013-GeneratorThe electronic controls on this are simple and they are easy enough to use. It has three variable steam settings which are displayed using small indicator lights. There is also an on/off light and there are lights when the iron needs to be cleaned and when the water tank is getting close to empty.


In many irons cleaning them can be a real pain. Not so with the 330013. This one simply needs rinsed out under the tap when you remove it. That alone will save you a lot of money on trying to find and buy filters.

To clean the boiler all you need to do is flush the boiler with water and you are finished. It is a quick thing to do and there is no mess.

That is what this iron is really all about. It is about getting your ironing done well, and getting it done as quick as you can. The iron needs only the bare minimal amount of maintenance to keep it in great working shape.

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Our Conclusion and Verdict

As you can imagine there is not a lot to complain about with this Morphy Richards 330013 model. This one is part of their newest range with an average online buyer price of £116, the price is great.

If this is not the right Morphy Richards Iron for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of all the Morphy Richards steam generator irons by clicking here.

This Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 330013 Steam Generator Iron is a powerful 2,400 watt iron, which has a great steaming capability, and a plate that just glides over clothes.

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