Morphy Richards 330009 

By  Carol

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 330009This 330009 model from Morphy Richards sits at the high end of the price point range of around £235. This one has a high rating of 78% so you should know that you are buying a high quality product, should you decide to buy this one.

This Morphy Richards 330009 Steam Generator however is much more than just a steam generating iron as you will find out in this review.

The manufacturer describes this as a 12-in-1 product as not only do you have a high quality steam generating iron, but it comes with a range of attachments, that turns this into a steam cleaner.

This can then be used for a wide range of cleaning jobs around the home.

For the price point you are actually getting quite a lot for your money and I am pretty certain that is why this model is really popular.

Quick Guide to the Morphy Richards 330009

For those of you who don’t have time to read my full review on this model, then just below I have done a quick guide so as you can see the main benefits.

  • 78% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Below the average price point for an iron that has multiple other uses
  • Good quality brand
  • 1.8 Litre water tank that lasts
  • Ceramic soleplate for snag free ironing
  • Full 5 bar pressure and 190 grams of instant steam
  • So you get the iron, mop, floor cloths, carpet glider, extension hose, a base with wheels, worktop attachment, jet nozzle, 2 nylon brushes, a squeegee and 2 cloths all with a user manual

So as you can see a lot for your money.

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Detailed Review of the 330009 Model

I have done a more detailed review below for people like me who prefer to now the detail.

Key Features

330009-steam ironing powerIroning Power

The main purpose of these steam generating irons is to cut your ironing time and get through it faster. To achieve that you need something that creates a lot of steam, and then pressurises that steam.

That is measured in two ways which are bar pressure and grams of instant steam.

Any good steam generator will have at least 4 Bars of pressure and 160 grams of steam

The 330009 has a full 190 grams of instant steam to deal with stubborn creases and a full 5 bar pressure that helps maintain that performance.

More Than An Iron

As you will have seen in my quick guide above this is a lot more than an iron. It can easily be adapted to become a very useful general purpose steam house cleaner.

This one comes with a hose and you can then add attachments to it that allow you to do a whole range of cleaning jobs around the home. Nothing cleans quite like pressurised steam

330009 1.8 litre water tankGood Sized 1.8L Water Tank

The bigger the tank then the longer you can iron without having to fill up the water tank. The 330009 model has one of the largest water tanks available at 1.8 litres. You get a warning light when it need to be topped up.

The tank is also detachable so you can bring it to the sink which is of course handier and much safer.

This single feature alone saves hours of time when it comes to ironing. If you have ever filled up an ordinary steam iron using a jug about 100 times you will know what I mean. With this one you fill it up and you can then just get your ironing done without filling up jugs and going back and forth to the sink.

330009 steam controlsControls

Some of these irons have got complicated controls and reading the instruction manual would take ages. Again this model has simple controls that allow you to pick which one of the three levels of steam that you want.

It uses lights as indicators for power, when the iron should be descaled and for your water tank.

Easy to Store

The Iron locks into the base so is easy to carry and more importantly is safe to carry without any danger of falling out. The steam unit also comes with a base that has wheels on it so as you can easily move the steam generator and use the different attachments.

Easy Clean

It has a flushable boiler system and that means you never need to buy filters which saves money over the long run. Your iron will light up and tell you when it needs to be cleaned.So as you can see if you decide to go with this one, then you will not go too far wrong.

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Verdict & Conclusion on the 330009 Model

I am particular about what items I recommend to my readers. Some products however are easy to recommend and this is one of them. This model is below the average price for a steam generator iron so on its own it would be a good buy. When you add on the other attachments

If this is not the right Morphy Richards Iron for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of all the Morphy Richards steam generator irons by clicking here.

I think the  Morphy Richards 330009 Steam Generator is amazing value for money so would have no hesitation in recommending this Morphy Richards 330009 model to you.

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