How to Iron Trousers

how to iron trousers

If you have ever wondered how to iron trousers with a crease, without a crease, or without making them shiny, then welcome to ironing heaven. In this article I will take you through the top tips to help making trousers a simple and easy thing to do.

Now it is worth knowing from the start that trousers are made from many fabrics. Some people also call jeans trousers and I want to avoid any confusion. I will include a separate article on how to iron jeans. In this article I am talking about trousers such as cotton, polyester or a mix of a both. In other parts of the world such as the USA and Canada, these are referred to as pants.

Should You Buy a Trouser Press for Quick Ironing?

Corby 7700 Black Ash Trouser PressFor me the best way or ironing trousers is to use a trouser press. This is the type of item that you may find in hotel rooms. Unfortunately they are expensive enough. They cost around £80-150 depending on which type or brand that you want to buy.

These usually come with a timed setting. You place the trousers inside and then allow the timer to do the work while you get on with doing something else.

These are thermostatically controlled, and you can buy them as either wall mounted, or as a free standing option.

A model like this one can quickly remove those wrinkled areas from the backs of the knee. You can also adjust them if you have turn-ups on your trousers. Typically they also come with a jacket hanger to help keep a suit for example in one place.

Most people who use these will put the trousers in after work, or before they go to bed. They then hit the timer, and leave them there, ready to go to work in the morning.

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How To Iron Trousers with a Normal Steam Iron

Here is a great video on how to properly iron men’s trousers by using an ordinary steam iron. As you will see from this this is a neat process and quite fast as well.

If you prefer a step by step method to iron trousers, then I think this video is a better one to watch. if you have never ironed before then this one includes all of the basics. It is always dangerous to assume that everyone knows how to iron.

Trousers and jeans can be a real pain to do. This is especially true if you are attempting these for the first time. Always check and see the label on trousers as you can then find out what material they are made of. That way you can adjust the temperature on your iron to suit the fabric.

How to Iron Trousers Without Making Them Shiny?

Let’s deal with the problem of shiny trousers. The first thing you should know is if they are already at a stage where they have turned shiny, then they can not be fixed. You can not iron shine out of a pair of trousers, but you can certainly stop it from ever happening. Prevention not cure is the order of the day.

To avoid creating a shine the secret is to lift and press rather then run the iron along the trousers. It is like push down on the iron, then lift it off, move it a little and then press downwards again. Keep doing this until all of the trousers have been pressed.

Using an Ironing Pressing Cloth

Leifheit Ironing ClothSome people also use an ironing pressing cloth. These only cost around £4 and are a very useful thing to have. These are placed over the trousers, or whatever item you are ironing, and then you iron on top of the pressing cloth. That means you can easily avoid the problem of shine.

These pressing cloths are made of a fabric like polyester. In essence they protect the garment, trousers in this case, from the full direct heat of the iron.

These can actually be really useful in protecting garments, especially delicate or expensive ones.

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You can use a normal steam iron or a steam generating iron along with a pressing cloth. These can also be used with steam presses.

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