How To Iron a Shirt 

By  Carol

Believe it or not one of the most frequent questions that I am asked on here is how to iron a shirt or a blouse. Now, if you are an experienced person who has ironed a lot of these, you may well laugh, but if you have never done it before, there are a few useful tips that can make this job a whole lot easier.

Now trying to explain this in words is not easy so I am going to use a couple of videos here to explain how to iron shirts properly so as they always look really good.

Great Video On Exactly How To Iron A Shirt

This first video shows a guy ironing a shirt and he does a good job. Now I would question his opening statement that ironing divides the nation, in that, you either love it or hate it. Find me anyone who likes ironing because I would love to shake their hand….Anyway on with the video where he shows you how to iron a shirt in just 3 minutes..


Now if you have a good steam generating iron you can forget about the spray water bottle as that will take care of just about any wrinkle or crease that you can throw at it. As he says in the video avoid using the point of the iron as it does cause really annoying wrinkles at the seams, which I personally hate.

I do love the tip where he does up the top butting before ironing the rest of the shirt.

Now if you want speed I found this video on YouTube where Jim Moore irons a shirt in 90 seconds flat. Have a look at Jim in action and see if you can copy him.

Ironing A Dress Shirt In 90 Seconds


Now I have to be honest and say I would NEVER iron anything like this. I would certainly never iron half a shirt, but there you go, that’s probably why he can do it in a minute and a half. The video below shows a young lady who in my opinion does a far better job of it


Ironing A Shirt – The Lady’s Way

This is how I think it should be done always and if you follow this method, you will never go too far wrong.


So there you go folks a few different ways to get the job done. In my opinion none of them are really that different. Ironing is just a pain that needs to get done and the quicker the better as far as I am concerned.

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