Breville VIN401 Steam Iron UK Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Breville VIN401 steam iron.  For anyone considering a new steam iron, then this DiamondXpress Steam Iron is one of the most popular models and is made by the well respected Breville brand.

Those who have bought this iron, used it and then taken the time to leave a review, have given it a satisfaction rate of 88%. This has been consistent over a good period of time. There are over 8,500 online reviews about this iron and that makes it a massive seller. Many buyers really like the style of this iron.

This is a 3100 watt iron with a 400 ml water tank. The standard size of water tank for a steam iron is 300 ml. So the one in this model is larger than the standard iron. The average wattage in a steam iron is 2400, so again this Breville is much higher, meaning that this iron heats up in under 30 seconds.

It weighs 1.63 kg, and that makes slightly heavier than other irons, as the average weight of a steam iron is about 1.5 kg.

It has a 70 gram per minute steam flow and a 200 gram steam boost for the tougher creases. Again that is well above the average ratings for a standard steam iron, in fact the 200 gram steam boost is one of the most powerful I have seen

There are many other features that we explain later in our review. As you can see from the image below, this is a nice looking iron, that comes in a variety of 8 different colours.

Breville VIN401

Who Would Buy this Iron?

The typical buyer for this iron is someone who wants to get through a pile of school uniforms, wants to have precision for creasing expensive work shirts, or a versatile steam function for delicate dresses. This iron catches the eye and has a high gloss white finish is accented with rose gold embellishment and a glittering diamond print detail. (colours vary)

The temperature control dial is set with dazzling crystals, to create a genuinely luxurious finish. There are also plenty of features.

If you are in a hurry, and don't have time to read the rest of this detailed review, then you check the availability of this iron at Amazon UK, by clicking here.

Buyer Ratings and Reviews Summary

How Buyers Rate this VIN401 Model

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall this steam iron has an online buyer satisfaction rating of 88%
  • 70% of all online buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 6% of all buyers gave this product a poor rating

The above ratings are based on over 8,500 online reviews from various iron and laundry websites, at the time when we did our research. That huge number of reviews shows us just how popular this iron is and how well it has sold here in the UK.

What Buyers Say About this Iron

We have shown below a Pros & Cons table on what online buyers said about this product, after they had bought and used it.


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 86% with 66% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review
  • Most buyers though that although one of the more expensive steam irons, that the extra features were worth it
  • Most buyers said the water tank was very easy to fill and large enough to keep them going
  • Buyers loved the fact that this iron heated up really quickly so there was no waiting about
  • Most buyers said it is quite heavy but they liked that as it made ironing easier
  • Many people liked that it was really quiet and they could watch TV while ironing


  • Around 9% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • A few buyers received used goods
  • Some buyers thought the plug was fitted wrong

Iron Specification

  • This iron measures 30.99 x 13.69 x 14.99 cm
  • It is available in 8 differentcolours
  • Has a wide ceramic soleplate
  • It has a 400 easy fill water tank
  • 70 grams of continuous steam and a 200 gram steam boost when required
  • With 3100 watts of power this is one of the fastest steam irons to heat up
  • Also has automatic shut off, anti scale, anti-drip and self cleaning functions
  • Has a 3 metre cord with 360 degree action
  • Can be used for vertical steaming
  • Has a self cleaning and anti-scale feature

Video Review of the Breville VIN401

My Experience Using This Steam Iron

I really liked this iron. In terms of appearance it is certainly pretty to look at in the white and rose gold colours. The 3 metre cord length is longer than most, and that will makes a huge difference for some people who don't have a socket close to where they iron.

I found it pretty heavy but easy to use and the handle is so comfortable that it makes ironing all that bit more bearable. It has every single feature that you would look for and expect at this price point and probably a few more than you didn't even know were available.

I particularly like the extra features, such as the indicator that tells you when the iron is cool enough to put away, the very neat cord storage feature and the extra long cord.

I think it's a bit heavy for ironing curtains with the vertical steam feature but it would be great for small areas. The 200 gram steam shot powers through deep wrinkles and you don't have to go at all easy with this iron, It's a real work horse.

I found the slightly larger 400ml water tank does last longer than most other steam irons I have used, but it also makes it slightly heavier when the tank is full.

My Verdict on the Breville VIN401 Steam Iron


My Rating

My Opinion

Easy To Use


There are a lot of features so will take a little bit of time to understand all of them. That said, I found this pretty straightforward to use.

Value for money


The RRP for this iron is £66.99 and that is expensive. If you can find this cheaper, and you can, then at around £45 this is good value for money. It still makes it an expensive iron, but it has a larger water tank and heats up faster then most.

Length of Cord


Most steam irons have a 2.5 metre long cord. This model has a 3 metre length and that makes a difference for some people.

Ceramic soleplate


The soleplate is a good quality ceramic type. It is slightly wider than most which will mean slightly faster ironing.

Water tank


I do like the slightly bigger water tank even though it makes it heavier when filled. The water tank cover feels a tad flimsy as well.

Balanced Weight


Sometimes irons are just about how they feel when you are holding them. This one does have a nice balance, but just a tad heavy for me.

Overall Performance


It heats up quickly, good strong steam and it irons really well so ticks many boxes. It can vertically steam but I found it heavy for doing that. Overall a very good quality iron.

  • Overall I think this is a very good value for money iron
  • Online buyers clearly like this iron and it has maintained a high level of satisfaction
  • The Breville brand is well known and they offer a 2 year guarantee 
  • We particularly liked that this iron is quite heavy yet still very comfortable to use
  • The diamond Infused ceramic soleplate means that your iron will effortlessly glide over every material with ease.
  • Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £45.00

If you would like to read about all the models of Breville steam irons, click here. If this is not the steam iron for you then check out our top 10 list of the best steam irons by clicking here.

Is Breville a Good Brand?

Breville are part of the Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Ltd Group. They make a range of household products that include Breakfast products, a range of Blending & Juicing products, Cooking & Food Preparation products, their famous Sandwich Makers, and last but not least Garment Care.

Breville are an Australian company based in Sydney. The Groups owns several brands,which are Kambrook, Ronson, Sage by Heston Blumenthal, Solis, Gastroback, Stollar, Catler, Bork and Riviera&Bar.

The company started as a small importer in 1957. They have been listed on the Australian stock exchange since 1999

We have little hesitation whatsoever in recommending this Breville model as it is one of the best mid range models on the UK marketplace.

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