Breville Press Xpress Steam Iron UK Review 

By  Carol

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the Breville Press Xpress steam iron. 

This model is from the very popular Breville brand which many UK buyers like a lot. This one can usually be found online for under £30, so be sure to shop around for the best deals available at the time.

In this article we include the buyer ratings, what they had to say about this Breville model, and what we think are the important features you should think about, if you plan on buying this particular steam iron.

Hopefully that will save you from having to do a lot of research as we have done that for you in this article.

Breville PressXpress 3100W Steam Iron

As you can see from the above image, this is certainly a nice looking iron. That said it is more about how the iron actually works and if it satisfies the buyers.

The Breville Brand

Breville are part of the Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Ltd Group. They make a range of household products that include Breakfast products, a range of Blending & Juicing products, Cooking & Food Preparation products, their famous Sandwich Makers, and last but not least Garment Care.

Breville are an Australian company based in Sydney. The Groups owns several brands,which are Kambrook, Ronson, Sage by Heston Blumenthal, Solis, Gastroback, Stollar, Catler, Bork and Riviera&Bar.

The company started as a small importer in 1957. They have been listed on the Australian stock exchange since 1999

How Buyers Rate the Breville Press Xpress Steam Iron

Buyer Satisfaction
  • On average this steam iron got an average buyer rating of 96%
  • 68% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review
  • 9% of all buyers gave this a bad review

What Buyers Have to Say About the Breville Press Xpress

We have an indication of the price and most buyers believe that this steam iron is very good value for money. We also know that it gets a very high buyer satisfaction rating.

In this section we take a closer look at what buyers had to say in more detail. We have found the easiest way to summarise this information is in a pros and cons table which we have included below.


  • 68% of all buyers gave this steam iron a 5 star review
  • Buyers believed this was a good brand and good vale for money
  • Buyers also said this was a powerful iron
  • Buyers said the iron heated up quickly
  • Buyers liked the larger water tank and the fact that you could fill it straight from the tap thanks to the wide opening


  • 9% of all buyers gave this a bad review
  • A couple of buyers received a faulty product and had to get it replaced

Breville Press Xpress Specification

In this section we detail the technical aspects of this iron, but more importantly we explain why you should consider if these specifications are important to you or not.

  • The iron weighs 1.96 Kg - that is in the heavier category with steam irons weighing anything between 1.13-2.07 Kg - if you have a lot of ironing to do at any one time, then the weight of the iron is important
  • 3100 watts of power - That is one of the highest powered irons and it does mean a very fast heat up time - steam irons use watt ratings between 2,000-3,100 so this one is as high as you ca get
  •  400 ml water tank - Water tanks for these irons range in size from 200 ml to 400 ml, so again this is the biggest water tank that you can get. This will mean you don't have to fill the water tank so often and as such will save you time.
  • Continuous steam output of 70 grams - All steam irons emit steam through the soleplate and this ranges from 40 - 70 gallons per minute. So this iron is right at the top of the range. It is a lot of steam and ideal for quickly removing creases
  • A shot of Steam 200 grams - Almost every steam iron has a steam shot. This is what is used to blast steam at a very difficult crease. These range from 150-210 gallons per minute, and this iron is right at the top of the range. 
  • Measures 13.7 x 31 x 15 cm - This is a pretty standard steam iron size
  • Automatic shut-off, anti-scale, anti-drip, self-clean feature - We explain this in more detail in the key features just below
  • It has a vertical steam plus  - again explained below as a key feature
  • Has a 3 metre (9.8 feet) power cord - This is a standard size and in most steam irons this will either be a 2.5 or 3 metre length
  • Comfort Grip Handle - This handle is moulded and a soft grip to make it more comfortable when ironing. Most other irons have a pretty standard grip handle
  • Temperature Illumination - The iron lights up when the soleplate comes to the right temperature - this is useful as an indicator and not present on most irons

Breville Press Xpress Key Features

In this section of our steam iron review, we like to extract out some of the very important features of this Breville steam iron.

In particular why these features may be better or worse when compared to other irons of a similar style, but from a different brand.

Key Feature 1 - Automatic shut-off, anti-scale, anti-drip, & Self - Clean feature

Let's start with the automatic shut off feature as we believe that should be on every steam iron, but please be aware that it does not come as standard. This means that if you forget about your iron, or even knock it over by accident, then the iron automatically turns off.

That just makes it safer to use. We think that is an important feature to have and this Breville model does have it.

The anti-scale feature helps prevent the build up of limescale and that is important if you live in a hard water area in the UK.

The ant-drip feature we explain a little more in the vertical steam option below.

This iron also cleans itself which again prevents the build up of limescale and dirty or rusty water which helps prevent water spots and dirty rust spots on your garments.

Key Feature 2 - Vertical Steam Feature Plus

This feature allows you to use the iron in a vertical position to steam garments without having to worry about the iron dripping.

This is a good feature to have as it allows you to iron curtains that are hanging up, and is also useful for getting rid of wrinkles on suits or dresses.

Key Feature 3 - Soleplate

Most steam irons have some type of metal soleplate. They may also have a ceramic soleplate. The bottom line with any soleplate is that it is smooth and does not snag the clothes.

It is also important that there are vents or small holes on the plate to allow the continuous steam to come out.

What is different about this soleplate is that it is extra wide. In other words more ironing plate is in contact with the garments being ironed, and as such the ironing overall will be faster.

This soleplate is also a multi-directional soleplate. That means effortless gliding in all directions, removing more creases and wrinkles with every glide.

The soleplate on this Breville iron also has a pointed precision tip ideal for ironing shirts and tops. The bottom of the soleplate has carefully designed steam channels to get the steam exactly where you want it.

This iron also has a a wider base than most steam irons and that does mean greater stability and neater cord storage.

Our Verdict on the Breville Press Xpress Steam Iron

Hopefully you have enough information now to be able to make your mind up if this is the right steam iron brand and model for you.

This did come out as the highest buyer rated steam iron on our top 10 list of steam irons.

There are cheaper irons available such as the Ansio Steam Iron 3000 which is cheaper. However some people prefer a better known brand name like this Breville model.

The buyer rating on this steam iron is very high and this is a very well made iron with plenty of useful features. It is at the higher end of the average price point but that is still good value for money, as the features are there to support that price point.

It is as we say a bit more expensive than your standard iron, but UK online buyers have given this steam iron from Breville the highest overall buyer's satisfaction rating.

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