Best Dry Iron UK Reviews

Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews on the dry irons on the UK market. Dry ironing is not as popular a choice as steam ironing for the vast majority of buyers in the United Kingdom. 

Some people do prefer to that though, so we did our usual in depth research, and came up with a list of the top 7 dry irons, that are currently available on the UK market.

Dry irons are preferred by people who have had enough of steam irons. Because steam irons have a water tank, they are always going to be prone to leaking, and when that happens clothes can suffer from staining, water spots or rust spots.

Dry irons are cheaper than steam irons, will never leak, are easy to clean and maintain, last for years and you can iron all types of fabric with a dry iron. They are not that good at removing wrinkles and creases unless you use them along with a water spray, which most people will do.

Quick Tips for Buying a Dry Iron

When you buy a dry iron, the chances are that it is going to last you for a very long time. Most of the faults or problems with irons are usually caused by water and steam. Those include limescale building up in them, rusting occuring and problems with the boiler.

The soleplates on steam irons also have a series of holes that let the steam out, and these can also get clogged up and rust.

With a dry iron, you have none of that to worry about. The sole plate is smooth and very easy to clean.

  • Your focus should be mainly on the quality of the soleplate which should be smooth
  • There is no water tank on a dry iron so they will be lighter, however, you want to have what is called a nicely balanced ironing weight -0 anything from 0.85-1.0 Kg is ideal
  • The electric lead should be tangle free and easy to put away
  • It should heat up quickly and be energy efficient

As you can see there are a few things to consider when it comes to buying a dry iron that will work for you. The good news is that we have done all of the research for you. We have explained that research below, so as you know that it is accurate and very useful.

How We Researched the Best Dry Iron?

When people buy a dry iron, then all of those buyers will of course use it to do their ironing. Some of those buyers then take the time to go back to where they bought their iron, and will give it a rating and some of those will also take the time to leave a review.

Those reviews, and we are talking here about online buyers, are a great source of very useful information. We look at those reviews from a range of UK websites, collect the information, analyse that information and then rate those irons based on the analysed information.

We then present that information to our readers in an easy to read format. Below you will find a top 7 table which we have ranked by the highest buyer rated first. We include a percentage buyer score marked out of 100%. We also include the model name of the dry iron.

Top 7 Dry Irons in the UK - Online Buyer Ratings

In the table below you will find what we have researched. Those have been ranked by buyer rating. You can click on the image to see a larger version of the iron. We have also included the average buyer rating.

We have also included the wattage of each iron. The rule here is that the higher the watts, the faster the iron heats up.

Underneath the table we have included summary reviews of each dry iron on out top 7 list. If you click on the product name, you can read our summary product review.

No 1 DRY iron

No 2 DRY iron

No 3 DRY iron

no 4 DRY iron

Philips GC160/02

Philips GC16002 dry iron
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Philips Dry Iron HD1134/28

Philips Dry Iron HD1134/28
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Tefal Dry Iron Cixi

Tefal Dry Iron Cixi aluminium
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Tefal FS4030 EasyGliss

Tefal FS4030 EasyGliss dry iron
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No 5 DRY iron

No 6 DRY iron

No 7 DRY iron

Rowenta Dry Iron FS3010

Rowenta iron dry fs3010 model
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Tefal FS2620

Tefal FS2620 dry iron
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Tefal Cixi FS2525

Tefal Cixi FS2525 dry iron
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Just below we have listed the top selling and buyer rated dry irons, but this time we have shown the important features that include the weight, wattage,solour and size.

Dry Iron Feature Comparison Table

In the comparison table below, we have included those important features. The weight impacts on arm fatigue but most dry irons do weigh just under 1 kg. (Steam irons weigh around 2 kg)

The watts refers to how quickly the iron will heat up - 1200 watts takes about one minute.

Product Name






0.90 Kg



 12 x 27.7 x 14.4

0.80 Kg



23.7 x 10.5 x 11.8

0.88 Kg



26.5 x 15 x 11.5

0.99 Kg



29.5 x 13.2 x 14.3

1.00 Kg



27.5 x 16.5 x 14

0.84 Kg



28.4 x 15 x 12.2

0.84 Kg



26.8 x 15.4 x 12

So as you can see from the table above, there is a limited range of dry iron options available on the UK market. 

No 1 Choice - Philips GC160/02 Affinia Summary Review

Philips GC160/02 Affinia Dry Iron
  • Measures 11.99 x 27.69 x 14.39 cm
  • This iron weighs 0.9 kg
  • Colour is white with blue handle
  • 1200 watts
  • This Affinia dry iron has a DynaGlide soleplate which glides effortlessly
  • The soleplate has a slim tip and button groove for easy reach into difficult areas
  • It has an elevated temperature dial for easy use and temperature light
  • The cord can be wrapped around the heel rest


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 90% with 74% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers said this was ironing the way it used to be with no risk of brown rust spots on a white shirt
  • Buyers seemed to really like the fact that this does come with a UK plug
  • Buyers said this model gets hot quickly, irons clothes efficiently regardless of setting, glides smoothly, and is super light
  • Most buyers agreed that the iron lasts for years as there is no risk of a build up of limesccale


  • Around 5% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • A couple of buyers did receive an iron with an EU plug and had to buy an adapter

No 2 Choice - Philips Dry Iron HD1134/28 Summary Review

Philips Dry Iron HD1134/28
  • This is a black very traditional looking dry iron


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 85% with 52% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers said that they liked the light weight and the plain steel soleplate that is very easy to clean if required
  • Buyers said the iron heats quickly and works like a charm
  • Most buyers liked the easy to understand temperature dial and the light that comes on when the iron is hot enough
  • Buyers also liked the swivel as it stopped the lead getting tangled


  • Around 6% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • Buyers say this comes with an Indian plug so you will need to buy an adapter

No 3 Choice - Tefal Dry Iron Cixi Summary Review

Tefal Dry Iron Cixi aluminium
  • This comes in a white colour with a steel coloured base
  • It is light in weight at around 880 grams
  • Many buyers bought this as they have had enough with steam irons
  • Very affordable price and lasts for years
  • Cord length 1.8 metres
  • PTFE non-stick durable aluminium soleplate
  • Has a power light
  • Has a precision tip for difficult areas


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 85% with 53% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers said that this iron is exceptional vale for money and worth buying two of these just to have a spare
  • Buyers seemed to like the light weight of this iron 
  • Buyers loved the fact that this iron has a perfectly smooth soleplate that never snags


  • No buyers so far have given this iron a poor review
  • A couple of buyers said this iron is very light so they did have to lean a bit harder than normal

No 4 Choice - Tefal FS4030 EasyGliss Summary Review

Tefal FS4030 EasyGliss dry iron
  • This is a popular choice for UK buyers
  • It is a 1200 watt dry iron that is light, sturdy and very easy to use
  • Comes in a white/burgundy colour
  • Weighs just under 1 kg
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Has a Durilium soleplate
  • Sits completely flat


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 84% with 66% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Buyers loved the fact that they never had to worry abour water staining or rust spos ever again
  • Buyers liked the balanced weight of this model and that it glided so easily
  • Buyers overall were very impressed by the way this iron heated up so quickly


  • Around 10% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • Those buyers said it came with an EU plug and they had to buy an adapter
  • A few buyers said this model is more expensive than other dry irons

No 5 Choice - Rowenta Dry Iron FS3010 Summary Review

Rowenta iron dry fs3010 model
  • This is a traditionsl style dry iron from a well known brand
  • 1200 watts so heats up very quickly
  • Has a heavy aluminium soleplate
  • Comes in a black colour only
  • Has a 3 dial system for different fabrics
  • Wider soleplate than most other dry irons


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 82% with 56% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Most buyers said this heats very quickly
  • Most buyers liked that it was easy to use with no complicated settings
  • Buyers overall were very impressed with the results, and they used a water spray bottle when they had to get rid of larger creases


  • Around 11% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • A few buyers thought this was very expensive for a basic dry iron
  • Some thought it was too heavy

No 6 Choice - Tefal FS2620 Summary Review

Tefal FS2620 dry iron
  • This is another option from the Tefal brand
  • It is 1200 watt so heats up quickly
  • It is also light in weightwhich does make handling easy
  • It has a non-stick soleplate
  • Also has a power indicator lamp
  • Available in white/blue only
  • Designed for craft makers and those who make dresses
  • Cord is 6 feet long


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 78% with 55% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Most buyers liked the fact that this is not a complicated iron and very easy to use
  • Most buyers said there is not a great deal of choice for dry irons and this model suited them as it is good value from a good brand
  • Buyers who live in hard water areas said this was great


  • Around 11% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • A few buyers thought that the soleplate was hotter in the centre than at the edges
  • Some thought it was too light

No 7 Choice - Tefal Cixi FS2525 Summary Review

Tefal Cixi FS2525 dry iron
  • This is a 1200 Watts dry iron
  • It has a PTFE non-stick soleplate
  • Has a power light
  • Cord length: 1.8 metres
  • Comes in a white/pale blue finish
  • An affordable price
  • Easy to use


  • Has an overall buyer satisfaction of 70% with 30% of all buyers giving this a full 5 star review 
  • Most buyers bought this to use with craft work
  • Many older people bought this iron as it is nice and light and great if you have arthritis in your hands
  • Buyers loved the fact that this iron was just simple and ironed smoothly


  • Around 16% of all buyers gave this iron a poor review
  • A couple of buyers received a faulty product
  • Some thought it was just too flimsy

Dry Irons Buying Guide & Buyer's Tips

If you don't know a lot about dry irons, then below we are going to cover off everything you will ever need to know. Some features are far more important than others, so we will place our buying advice in order of importance.

This is a summary guide that includes all of the key features.

Best Dry Irons Brands

Many home owners just like to buy a good brand when it comes to dry irons. The very popular brands in the UK include:

  • Tefal
  • Philips
  • Rowenta

Understand what Wattage Really Means for an Iron

You will usually see this referred to as something like 1200W. This refers to 1200 watts and is what determines one thing with regards to your dry iron. That is how quickly does the iron heat up.

Types of Soleplates

Manufacturers use a variety of very descriptive language to describe the soleplate of the iron. Almost all of these will be made from some type of metal, and that is usually steel or aluminium. The slightly better quality dry irons will have an ultra smooth soleplate.

The important thing to note is that there is no requirement for steam holes, and as such, the soleplate is completely smooth and will sit perfectly flat on top of your ironing.

Temperature Control

When you iron different garments you will realise that more delicate fabrics need to be ironed at a much lower temperature than say a normal shirt or a pair of jeans. It is very important to be able to adjust the temperature of the soleplate on your iron.

Make sure any iron that you buy has this adjustable feature. The good news is that almost every dry iron does have this but some have a wider range of choices than others.

EU Plugs and Adapters

Dry irons are more popular in other countries than they are in the UK. What we found during our research is that most dry irons are made in countries such as India, China, Italy and Germany. They work of a different type of electricity system which uses 2 pin plugs.

Most of these irons will have a 2 pin plug fitted. In the UK our electric system uses a 3 pin plug. Therefore an adapter will be required, one that is used for shaving plugs, or a travel adapter.

Don't rush out and buy one though, as most of the manufacturers will include this inside the box when it arrives.

Dry irons and hard water areas

If you live in an area of the UK that has really hard water, then a steam iron will really suffer from limescale build up. With a dry iron, there is no water tank, no steam so no limescale problem to worry about.

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